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If a state court seized custody of a child, ordering placement in foster care for protection, how does the father construct a lack of jurisdiction argument over child support?  Here we go again.  The raging Mr. Couloute makes another frivolous argument before the court of New York, that only he and his pals in Connecticut have power to make child support orders.  Silly goose.

The latest filing of the madman, Objection to Support demonstrates the chronic adjustment disorder of a father who conspires with Connecticut Family Court Judge Jorge Simon to defeat the rule of law to not support his own child.  Poor man is so delusional he lists his address of Bloomfield, CT but his CT driver’s license shows Fairfield and his GA license shows Cumming.

Since everyone left Connecticut, the jurisdiction falls to NY, who by the way assigned custody of the child to maternal grandpa.  Family Support Magistrate Dee made a temporary support order of $100 a week until maladjusted Couloute could produce financial disclosures required to execute the worksheet.  Real issue here is that Couloute cannot disclose his finances without inviting felony charges for tax evasion and fraud.

Obviously, Couloute shares some connection to Judge LoVallo as he wants FSMJ Julie A. Dee off the case as he feels LoVallo is on his ‘side’.  Next episode of high court drama this Friday at 10am before Judge Dee; whose patience may have recently expired.