AUSA Anastasia King

Time to spotlight the little pudgy retarded foot soldier of the Connecticut lesbian legal league.  No brain, but a law degree, bad bottle of hair dye, wardrobe from Goodwill fashions, dead fish-like personality; this miscreant humanoid is a paid whore of the federal court.  Give her money, she will shred the Constitution to please her sexually deviant masters and play pals.

Yes, this is Anastasia King.  Another federal nut job taking federal bribes in form of a paycheck to terrorize the people on behalf of deviants, miscreants and tyrants.  A person of such low self-esteem, limited intellect and inability to think that her professional purpose is merely to abuse fellow citizens.  Perhaps she is jewish?

Don’t like the government?  Criticize a politician?  Speak out against corrupt officials? Don’t worry, Anastasia King will be there to fuck you up.  She casts aside the rule of law, ignores her oath of office and brings out the branding iron for the four legged animals known as unchosen citizens.  No patriotism within Deidre Daly’s corrupt child trafficking pedo protecting organization.  No sense of national pride, no unity, no belief in principles of democracy, law nor freedoms.  This dyke club is out for blood and personal protection of their deviancy.

Speaking of such, is it not time to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants?  Patriots have spilled enough.  Time for some certified Red Cross Gallon+ donations from the terrorists of the federal criminal justice system.  Mr. Jefferson commands.

So fuck the feds, fuck the FBI, fuck the federal terrorists, fuck the jewdicial overlords.  Patriots are called to arms; the Constitution is under attack.  Dykes like Anastasia, Deirdre and Liz are a terrorist sleeper cell.  Expose them for the criminals they truly are.  God Bless America.

Since when have we Americans been expected to bow submissively to authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us? – Justice W.O. Douglas