Court Labels

Ok sports fans, the game is more fun if the rules are explained.  Ever wonder how the deviant, jewish, pedo players of the Connecticut Family Court identify their victims?  Number one rule is money.  No money no fun.  Number two rule is kids.  Kids can be used, especially the younger ones.  So here is the quick primer on the public identifiers used in pedo family court.

First and foremost is money.  There are two types of families, those with money and those without.  The court has subtly created a public identifier to flag the money, it is called the FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT Long Form.  This is six pages of indepth questioning to expose every asset down to dad’s baseball card collection.  When you file this form with the Clerk alarm bells go off in the lawyer’s lounge.  You are a whale and the court will play you.  If you and your spouse each file a long form, it is pay dirt!  Your family will be shredded and all your assets liquidated to pay lawyers, GALs, vendors and the kickbacks to the judge.

If you file the FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT Short Form., you are admitting to the Bar Association and the world that your salary is less than $75k and your piggy bank is equally as small.  You are trump change and are a problem for lawyers who want to bill $300/hr for a long long time.  You are not even on the B list.

But, there is need for the clerks, lawyers and pedos to know the inventory of children being dragged into family court.  Pedophiles with no kids to rape become frustrated and have to travel to Haiti.  Voila, another form that keeps track of the kids, the AFFIDAVIT CONCERNING CHILDREN.  Yes, this little sleeper has no legal purpose, but provides the pedos with the names, locations, gender and ages of their next victims.

Isn’t it beautiful?  A publicly funded system, under the color of law, to locate the money and pedo rape targets all nicely filed as public records at the courthouse.  The clerks, judges, lawyers all conspire to target the money and the kids.  Just brilliant.

Welcome to the Connecticut Pedo Utopia.  Another court improvement brought to you by the Family Court Rules Committee:

Hon. Dennis G. Eveleigh, Chair          Hon. Jon M. Alander
Hon. William H. Bright, Jr.                  Hon. Kevin G. Dubay
Hon. Roland D. Fasano                         Hon. Robert L. Genuario
Hon. Sheila A. Ozalis                             Hon. David M. Sheridan
Hon. Mary E. Sommer

The money laundering pedos in black robes creating filing requirements under the guise of court practice….Chapter 25 of the Connecticut Practice Book is the pedo rules of family court.  Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto is the pedo puppet that structures the family court to do the bidding of the pedo lawyers.  Isn’t the dyke on the byke so special?


Dyke on the byke family court judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, child trafficker.
Dyke Bozzuto