Res Judicata NOT!

Time to review a little history to see how the jewish sponsored custody fights became the main revenue generator for family court lawyers.  Remember, family court is designed by jews, operated by jews and serves the zionistic principle of destruction of families; the building blocks of a Christian society.  The AFCC is a jewish organization operated to advance a very Zionist and anti-Christian agenda.

The judges and the lawyers, joined at the hip through the mafia bosses of the Family Bar Association, hold a sole purpose to protect and expand revenue flows from family savings accounts to private pockets;  also known as theft.  The court players are expert at fanning the flames of conflict, using children as weapons of litigation and generally being very very nasty people.  But what you may not realize is that the jewdicial mafia of Connecticut quietly undermines the U.S. Supreme Court to fine tune the revenue generation.

Back in 1947, Justice William O. Douglas wrote the opinion in Halvey v Halvey, 330 US 610, which clearly and simply stated that a custody order is never a final order and can be changed at whim of the court, because it was created by a whim of the court.  Any court who has jurisdiction over a child on a Tuesday can change the custody order rendered by the prior court on Monday.  Justice Rutledge stated that res judicata has no application to a custody order and that such orders lack any sense of finality, which another court can change at will.  Such was the the exact situation upheld by SCOTUS forty years on in, Thompson v Thompson, 484 US 174, where Louisiana completely ignored the prior custody action of California.  Justice Marshall held that there is no provision in law for two competing state custody orders to be valid.  The state having possession of the child is free to ignore the other state and any prior custody orders.  See Id. 187.   But what strange game is played out in Connecticut under the black robes that shroud the child traffickers of family court?  What magical wordsmithing do the devils in black provide to undermine the U.S. Supreme Court?

Likewise, there is nothing in the SCOTUS opinions to prevent a Christian judge on Tuesday, changing the custody order made by the Jew judge of the same state on Monday.  It is all whim.

Take a look at Cleveland v Cleveland, 161 Conn. 452, (1971) where the slippery slime of the state supreme court worked to create an artificial concept of res judicata for custody orders.  The court created its own game to make an end run around SCOTUS by creating a ‘rule’ of child trafficking, to give effect to the principle of res judicata.  But wait….SCOTUS said there is nothing final about a custody order, it is a whimsical decision based on judicial discretion based on the facts before the court at the time of decision.  Facts on Tuesday are different than the facts from Monday.

What does ‘give effect to principle of res judicata’ mean anyway?  Orwellian word salad created by state pedophiles to traffic children for sexual pleasure….the hallmark of Connecticut and its deviant ruling class.

The present game of denying access to the court to attack a jewdicial pedophile’s custody order is created by the tit-less witch and professional child trafficker Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone, who in collusion with pedophiles on the appellate court created the new ‘rule’ in Strobel v Strobel, 885 A 2d 865, where it is now jewdicial discretion to deny parents access to the court.  The Connecticut jewdicial masters have defeated the ruling of SCOTUS.  Aren’t jews amazing, they can override the legislature, the executive branch and even the highest court in the land…..tricky little suckers, aren’t they!!!  Notice that the sleeping legislature missed this end run completely.

The jewish reconstruction of family law subverted the state power of parens patriae, which provided for stripping a parent of custody only to protect the child from harm and only on action by the state, to now a whimsical parental cat fight egged on by lawyers, vendors and judges for the sole purpose of draining family assets.

So forget the rule of law, forget separation of powers, forget statutory authority, forget the Constitution, the jews in black robes will ruin your lives and the lives of your pathetic children, because the jews are not Americans, they are jews and you don’t matter…..but your money does.

Judge Annie Dranginis child trafficker, appellate judge responsible for Strobel.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler, chief zionist architect of Connecticut child trafficking.

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, dyke on the byke, head child trafficker, miscreant deviant, runs a court that ignores SCOTUS.