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The Jew’s Game

Here is an interesting article about the game of destroying the Grazzini-Rucki family by the devil himself Judge David L. Knutson of the miserable state of Minnesota.  Those who do not understand the jewish operation of family court will be led to believe that there is an issue of power and corruption.  To the enlightened reader, it is not a matter of abuse, it is the simple execution of the jewish agenda against white christians with money.  The family owned business is the target of the jew lawyers, judges, vendors.  The whores of the court call this family a ‘whale’.  The jews circle like vultures and do everything possible to inflict harm and extract money.

The actions of Judge Knutson, shrink James Gilbertson, guardian ad litem Julie Friedrich and Judge Jill Halbrooks are not based on American values, but merely jewish greed.  Acts not based on care for the children, but the jewish rape of childhood.  Conduct not about Christian values, but the jewish efforts to destroy Christianity.  The anti christ will be a jew.  His foot soldiers prepare for his arrival, family court is just an example of the jewish destruction of a society to which they claim no allegiance.

Read the article at link below in light of the jewish agenda applied to the gentiles.  This is not America.


Jewish tool of family destruction.

Jews in family court