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Gay Conspiracy GAL Tax Evasion

Family Court exists in its present form solely for the enrichment of lawyers, psychologists, pedophiles, judges and to further goyim abuse by teachings of the Talmud.  The key to it all is money.  How to extract the most money from the college savings of unsuspecting four legged animals who enter the trap.

Let’s look at how the GAL Fee scam cheats the IRS and who allows this to happen.  Spotlight the bald headed, homosexual financial misfit Kevin Lembo, the state comptroller of Corrupticut.  He holds the office that is responsible for transaction reporting to state and federal revenue services.  Transactions ordered by the state must meet tax reporting requirements by law of the people.  But Nutmegs don’t matter.  When the evil money laundering queen of GALs, Judge Lynda Munro orders the parents to pay a $100k GAL bill, the money transfers unreported from family savings to the lecherous lawyer, totally invisible to the taxman.  This is the key to the judicial kickback scheme.  The lawyer scams the IRS so there is a free 35% to hand back to the judge along with a 15% tip.  Judges jail parents for non-payment as half the fee goes to the judge.

Kevin Lembo, the comptroller along with the State Auditors gayfully look the other way for the benefit of their sexually deviant pals in black robes.  Plundering family savings takes lawyers and judges.  Stealing from the taxman takes Kevin and more of his gay pals conspiring in state and federal tax evasion crimes.

The judges ensure that the GAL fees are paid from the parents directly to the scum lawyers.  Normal court fees are taxed to the litigants and paid to the court, which leaves a paper trail that no judge wants to see.  GALs would be state vendors, under contract with terms and conditions, billings would be subject to state verification, IRS1099’s would be issued.  The entire GAL money laundering operation would collapse under such normal and transparent purchasing standards.

The scam is exposed when all the money stolen from parents by order of family court judges over the last ten years is tabulated.  Listings of what trusted jewdicial pet lawyers collected it.  The pattern is simple, families with money were targeted, same trusted crew of GALs appointed by the same judges who collected a kickback.  Judge Solomon will never allow such information to be exposed to the public goy.  The chosen ones do not like scrutiny.

The legislature, the comptroller and the state auditors all have sovereign power to audit the last ten years of court ordered GAL fees in every courthouse ordered by every family court judge.  The State has duty and power to verify that proper taxes were paid on such income to the GALs.   But no sexually deviant miscreant of the family court mafia will allow it nor will the gutless wonders of the state legislature; lest they annoy their jewish masters.  Trafficking kids is a complex game.  Kickback and hush money is a necessity.  The judges collect it.  Kevin Lembo protects it.

Welcome to tax evasion Family Court style.

Fails to ensure court ordered GAL fees are reported to the IRS….racketeer.

Evil Cunt Lynda Munro

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler