Deputy Dickhead Leonard C. Boyle

Another exercise in connect the dots of public actors conspiring to undermine a civilized society.  This time, let’s start with Deputy Dickhead State’s Attorney Asshole Leonard C. Boyle.

Dickhead Boyle is another member of the legal house of Slitherin’.  A scum lawyer who would never make partner at a real law firm providing legal services to clients for real money; has to cross to the dark side for a paycheck.  Yep, another prosecutor.

Lenny boy lives the life of luxury on the federal dole in a land of little crime and great political connections.  His main duty is to protect the elite of Connecticut from prying federal operatives who are not otherwise sleeping at their desks.  But for some reason USAO gets rid of him after seventeen years.  New administrations of clean out the dung left behind by the predecessors.

No problem.  Lenny the Dickhead lands on top of the Connecticut prosecutor’s club where he makes a name for himself prosecuting mothers for protecting their children.  A clear indicator of pedo play.  Best place for pedo’s and their protectors is the state’s prosecutor office.  Child sexual abuse investigations can be stopped with a stroke of Lenny’s pen.  Mother’s can be hunted by the reverse stroke.

Lenny boy has erred by getting the whining prosecutor club mad at him.  See article.

Lenny boy also has a hand in the gestapo intelligence center, which he uses as his private hunting dog to sniff things outside the law.  Hiding under the wing of chief nazi Kevin Kane, boy Boyle provides protection services to all of Malloy’s cronies.  Boyle’s connections go to the state judges, Omar Williams, federal prosecutors, Deirdre Daly, federal magistrates, Merriman, Margolis, even can arrange illegal activities across state lines with a phone call or two.  Traffick children, no problem, that is the speciality of the organization.

Strange how Bradford Reuben, John Danaher and Len Boyle all held the State Police Commissioner job.

Can’t help but notice the recurring themes.  All are connected to the prosecutor’s office. Public funds used to play private games.  Constant air of sexual deviancy among the players.  Always a child involved.  Always a judge involved.  Nothing is ever transparent.  Don’t think the feds can help, they are in on it.

Boyle the dickhead, in bed with pedo Dick and pedo State Cops….pedoville.