Ebony & Ivory

The contrasts of the world are stunning, but often the harmony of evil is the most astounding.  Time to focus on the conspirators who find their way into family court for the pleasure of trafficking kids and pocketing ill gotten gains.

The public forum of the Dark Lord himself is again cause for public scrutiny.  The victim is Lulu, the money supply is dad’s new squeeze, the improper influence is step mom’s connections to Bar mates and back channel communications to Judge Gerard Adelman.  The case is well known.  It is such a special case that the Dark Lord keeps exclusive possession; although returnable to Bridgeport JD, Adelman took it with him to Hartford JD, so no impartial judge could undo his dirty work.

Our favorite gender confused lawyer and reptilian State Representative Rosa Rebimbas of Naugatuck; subservient child trafficking legal lizard to the Dark Lord was at first the AMC for Lulu, then promoted to GAL, anointed with jewdicial immunity and a huge $$$ hourly rate.  Monsters don’t come cheap.  The replacement AMC is the Dark Lord’s evil black money launderer Bradford Barneys.  An attorney of no good standing, having been disbarred in two other jurisdictions, finds lucrative appointments at the right hand of the Dark Lord, in return for sizeable judicial kickbacks.  Where there is money to be made, the thieves come out of the woodwork to appear in Adelman’s court.  Lulu’s only fault is that her dad found money and connections in Westport; Adelman did the rest.

It is obvious that our jew child trafficker and dark lord Judge Adelman was aware of the sinister Attorney Bradford Barneys.  The federal indictment is hilarious.  The disbarments in Maryland and D.C. in 2011 are of public record.  The feds even issued a press release.  But that won’t stop our boy Adelman from using criminals to traffic Lulu.  Clients from Westport (with money) get special red carpet treatment in Connecticut Family Court.  Having jewish connections helps as well, but money is still required.

Amazing to note that the CT Law Tribune was allowed to write about Adelman’s pet crook.  See article.  But true to form, the reporter did not mention Barneys’ evil hand in trafficking Lulu under the supervision of the Dark Lord, nor did the Courant article.  Now Attorney Thomas G. Cotter has been appointed to look out for Barneys’ former client Lulu.  Surely Cotter is in the pedo ring or he would not have been chosen by Judge Anotonia Robaina, see order.  Just amazing that Chief Disciplinary Counsel of Connecticut was allowed to criticize one of Adelman’s pets.  So Cotter will continue Lulu’s trafficking.  Cotter has not filed anything in Family Court to undo the fuckery of his new client Lulu.

But look at the big picture.  A white niggah bitch Rebimbas and a black niggah crook Barneys are appointed by the jew Adelman to traffick a little girl and bag big bucks from daddy Thomas Beck Stvan of Westport.  Ebony and ivory in harmony with the jew; pedophiles do work well together despite the racial and religious differences.

In the meantime, when was the last time mom hugged her daughter?

Editor’s Note:  Lulu’s mother Paige Stvan did testify before the legislature calling out Adelman and his child traffickers.  Jewdicial retaliation is swift and unmerciful.


Bradford Barney, black man in white court doing Satan's bidding.
Evil Jew Dark Lord of Family Court Judge Adelman
She devil of family court