Family Court Zionists

Time to focus on the Zionists of Family Court, a force so un-American and so evil that only Satan himself can promote it.  Examine the king of the jew judges of Connecticut, Elliot N. Solomon.  The self-proclaimed master of the Connecticut policy of family destruction… a.k.a. Talmud edicts.  This jew judge issues an order in violation of state law specifying that a father will have no visitation with his children.  Totally based on rule of the Talmud, not rule of the State.  It is well known that the state of Connecticut, by act of the people through the legislature requires both parents to have active and consistent involvement in the lives of their children.  But the legislature and the people are more Christian than Jewish.  The family court is more Jewish than Christian, so laws based on teachings of a church are discarded by the chosen judges….by order of King Jew Solomon.

The jewish order of Solomon migrates to a neighboring state where another jew, Judge Richard B. Meyer of Essex County, upholds the jewish order of Connecticut in violation of the law of New York.  Individual states are sovereign, but the Zionists and their Talmud law undermines the Union and the jew rulings are upheld against the goyim regardless of territory.  The ruling Zionists usurp the power of the Constitution, undermine the sovereignty of the people and defeat the rule of law.  All as described in the Talmud.  Rabbinical courts with power over the goyim, an act of terrorism.

The anti-Christian agenda of the Zionists, the chosen attitude of the jews is focused solely on destruction of the family structure.  Jews like Solomon of Connecticut and Meyer of New York are domestic enemies of the Constitution.  Both are threats to society begging a patriotic act against them.  The noble knights of the Crusades have cause to dispatch those who defy the Fourth Commandment.  Playing jew games with christian children does call for blood.

In full public view, in the public forum known as a court of law, the rule of the Talmud defeats the Constitution.  Jew judges defeating the civilized concept of the rule of law, protection of rights, equal protection and due process.  All wiped out by the act of the jew.  Even the jew attorney general of New York is coming to the defense of the jew from Connecticut, arguing in the appellate court to uphold Judge Elliot Solomon’s Talmud order of family destruction.  All done in public view with public funds to enforce Talmud rule on the goyim of the land.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is now clear.  The Tree of Liberty is thirsty.


Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler

Jew Judge Richard Blair Meyer

Jew Attorney General of New York. Talmud Law.

The natural manure.