Vicki Frenzel

Ficeto Threat

Judge Anna Ficeto shows her true self from the bench today in the ongoing child snatching case of Evie and Sofie Grohs of Watertown. The court of satan prevents the children from hugging their mother without stating a reason. Mother’s demand for proper visitation has been pending before the court for FOUR years. Evil Judge Ficeto toys with mother, now threatening to dismiss mother’s pleadings… Read More »Ficeto Threat

Issue Focused Evaluation

Time for tossing some jewdicial word salad from the bowels of the Connecticut Judiciary. The big dumb nigger in the black robe, CJ Richard Robinson funds a secretive society of child predators to provide ‘family services’ under the guise of justice. The third branch of government, holding no standards of family or cause to service a family, pretends that its ‘counselors’ have some magic sauce… Read More »Issue Focused Evaluation

Ficeto’s Dick

Time for the now famous blog to highlight Judge Anna Ficeto’s dick and what drives her to ram it in the ass of childhood. Ficeto lives in Wolcott, Connecticut in a big house at 13 Diamond Rock Rd. She is a miscreant of a human and a deviant child predator. She is a heretic, taking communion as a mislabeled Catholic, keeping her beastly tail tucked… Read More »Ficeto’s Dick

Agati rules fair!

The Italian jewdicial grease ball of Waterbury JD, Salvatore Agati rules that evil Judge Anna Ficeto is a fair judge!! The hypocrisy is palpable. Two jewish judges who pretend to be of the Catholic faith traffic Sofie and Evie Grohs along with their large trust funds, depriving them of hugs from mother and family for over four years. Agati rules it is all FAIR! Lock… Read More »Agati rules fair!

Ficeto: Punishment By Child

The jewish miscreant masquerading as a Catholic, wearing a black robe, concealing her spiked tail does a constitutional Eighth Amendment smack down in the Connecticut cesspool of family court. Judge Anna Ficeto spews forth her demonic wrath upon a mother, ranting on the record that just punishment is served by isolating children from mom. Punishment by child is alive and well in the jewish gulag… Read More »Ficeto: Punishment By Child

Coleman Trafficking

Nigger boy Judge Eric Coleman displays incompetent abilities from the bench today in the continuing child trafficking case of Evie and Sofi Grohs of Watertown. A divorce case fueled by money and the demented mind of William J. Grohs that has gone on for eleven years and continues past his death. What the family court does to children in the name of lawyer feed is… Read More »Coleman Trafficking


The famous blog takes this solemn opportunity to close the chapter on the relationship between blog star William Grohs and his dickhead lawyer Michael Fasano. After heaping hundreds of thousands of dollars upon Attorney Fasano to drag his second ex-wife through years of post-judgment litigation to undo his own agreement to divorce, Bill Grohs spoke from beyond his grave to deride Fasano’s legal inabilities. Bill’s… Read More »Dickheads

Vicki Frenzel Again!

The beauty of Connecticut plays out in the jewish cesspool of its family courts. Blog famous Vicki Frenzel displays her true colors again filing in probate court to seize control of trust funds of the daughters of deceased William Grohs. Family Court runs on money and the inbred jewish judges and lawyers of Waterbury will devour children, parents, and savings accounts to satisfy their appetite… Read More »Vicki Frenzel Again!