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Thomas Moukawsher

Deichert’s Answer

    The now-famous Blog spotlights the overworked and uneducated legal miscreant, Robert Deichert, who sucks up a state paycheck for fraud of masquerading as an attorney under Willie Tong, commie chink AG of Corrupticut.  Deichert has been unable to respond to the illegal disbarment of a mother’s attorney in over a year, still hitting WestLaw keys looking for answers, making excuses for failure to respond to writ of error. Deichert claims overload, having to answer a federal complaint on the same subject. Blog legal department provides Connecticut’s response to the federal complaint: Willie Tong, on behalf of the free people of Connecticut, sovereign citizens of the Republic, respond to complaint of… Read More »Deichert’s Answer

    Federal Showdown

      Connecticut’s Judge Thomas Moukawsher sued in federal court for violation of constitutional rights! The self-chosen nutmeg jewdicial elitists face reality of the U.S. Constitution, a federal court holds jurisdiction over rogue state actors who deprive citizens’ rights of due process and equal protection. Oi vey! U.S. District Judge Victor Bolden presides over claim of unconstitutional summary disbarment by state clown Thomas Moukawsher, jury trial demanded, for due process violation of rogue judge torching a lawyer for disliked advocacy; tyranny wears black robes.  Bring popcorn!  Blog star Robert Deichert, of AG Willie Tong’s office embarrasses a sovereign people arguing in defense of tyrannical conduct of Moukawsher, defying the Bill of Rights!… Read More »Federal Showdown

      Sui Generis

        The now-famous Blog observes the jewness of the Connecticut Superior Court in Judge Moukawsher’s misconduct in disbarring a zealous advocate for no cause in law. The unconstitutional drama of blog star Mouk approaches its one year anniversary, where the jewdicial machinery has ground to a stop, AAG Robert Deichert unable to pen a simple brief to defend miscreants Mouk and Adelman. A comedy of horrors plays out by chosen actors of the rabbinical court, masquerading as Superior Court of Connecticut. The cesspool of nutmeg jurisprudence stinks of jewish ideology. The nub of Mouk’s actions is unholy disbarment for calling out jews of family court for being jewish; voiding statutes, depriving… Read More »Sui Generis

        Lisa Backus

          Blog editorial staff spotlights Lisa Backus, a so called journalist, promoting chosen ideology of Connecticut’s ruling elite thru yellow journalism, worthy of an Oscar. Lisa’s coverage of Judge Moukawsher’s unconstitutional act in disbarring a zealous advocate is propaganda at best, treason at worst, conspiring with the jewdiciary to uphold the totalitarian rule of monsters in black, to the detriment of founding principles, undermining rule of law, defeating sovereignty of ‘we the people’.  Lisa is a commissar of the state, driven to fool her readers to believe in the absolute rule of authority. Lisa is a shill. Lisa’s pathetic prose in a recent article on the tyranny of Judge Moukawsher fails… Read More »Lisa Backus


            Jewish connections are amazing, crossing generations, over decades, like true blood bonds of crime families who depend on the power of vice to thrive in the land of the goy. Harvey Mallove was a wealthy jew, previous mayor of New London, power broker, head of a criminal enterprise. Christmas eve of 1973 he killed a kid changing a tire on Pequot Ave near Plant Street. Hit and run. Probably drunk. The jewish mafia instantly circles the wagons, obscures the investigation, protects the guilty jew. Of interest is the role played by the Superior Court in erasing the history of the case that was never solved. The only unsolved hit and… Read More »Mallove

            Betsy Moukawsher

              The Town Clerk of Groton, Connecticut sleeps in the same bed as Judge Thomas Moukawsher, the presiding judge of the infamous star chamber known as Regional Family Trial Docket, where parents get fleeced and children get hurt. The now famous Blog is curious to know the type woman who sleeps with a child predator, a monster so evil as to uphold a 600 day forced isolation of three children from their mother. How does Betsy Moukawsher show her face around town, knowing that the public is aghast at her husband’s predatory behavior towards Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer? Betsy’s hubby has demonstrated his pedophile protective tendencies in full public view, holding… Read More »Betsy Moukawsher