Jocelyn Hurwitz

Ambrose: Part 12

The FrankReport exposes the collusion among Attorneys Nancy Aldrich, Richard Callahan, and Jocelyn Hurwitz to traffic the Ambrose kids and fleece the family bank. Lawyers play for each other in Connecticut family court, protected by jew judges who work for pedophiles. There can be no public confidence in a court system that preys on children. Public warning: Stay away from the jews of Connecticut Family… Read More »Ambrose: Part 12

Ambrose: Part 11

A free citizen made public comment on a blog about the Ambrose drama in direct violation of jew Judge Gerard Adelman’s gag order! Enjoy reading the defiance of the totalitarian, child trafficking family court of Connecticut! Civil disobedience comes before bullets fly, keep your powder dry! _________________________________________________________________________________ The Ambrose Papers #11: What Connecticut Family Court Did to the Children is a Travesty November 7, 2021… Read More »Ambrose: Part 11

Free Treatment

The Department of Children and Families of Connecticut is giving out free treatment services to fathers caught up in protracted pointless litigation in obtaining a ‘no fault’ divorce. DCF’s own Nieka Thompson, a staff attorney, announced today that DCF provides treatment service to a dad who requires help recognizing the emotional needs of children impacted by expensive and drawn out family court litigation in which… Read More »Free Treatment

Predator: Jocelyn Hurwitz

Time to take a peak at the child trafficking game of evil guardian ad litem Jocelyn Hurwitz of the nasty jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf. The jewdiciary feigns belief that a GAL is needed to dissolve a marriage. In reality, the GAL is only appointed when there are parents with money. Deceptively designed to represent the ‘best interests of the children’, the true role of… Read More »Predator: Jocelyn Hurwitz