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Dirty Judge Leo V. Diana

    How Evey and Sofi Grohs are being trafficked through secretive family court by Judge Leo V. Diana, pedo judge and child broker.


      Being an evil stepmother is classic. Unmarried women can not claim the exalted status, takes a wedding ring.

      Rumours are real

        Rumours are real. Spread them! Connecticut Judiciary Committee is lawyered up…..why?

        Judge Anna Ficeto: Canon Failure

          Judge Anna Ficeto refuses to state reason for trafficking two little girls and will not define ’emergency’. Child trafficker in black robe in the legal rape of children.

          Spotlight: Watertown Police

            How the Watertown Police ignore the rule of law in attack on rights of citizens. Uneducated thuggery funded by We The People. Harassment by cop.

            Facetime Only! (Apple)

              Judge Anna Ficeto works to isolate the children from mother with the help of state employees. Town of Watertown facing court restraining order.

              The Boogey Man!

                Family Court Judge Sharon LoVallo rules that pedophile rings do not exist in society.