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    Judge Sharon LoVallo of NY Family Court issues a gag order! Prior Restraint?

    Bench Book

      The secret Connecticut family court bench book cannot be seen by the public by jewdicial edict.

      Cleveland v Halvey

        How the family law jews manipulate state case law to undermine SCOTUS, enabling child trafficking.

        Cesspool Connecticut

          Terrorists of Connecticut Criminal Justice system exposed for civil rights violations, false arrest, interstate fraud and criminal judicial misconduct.


            Blow some smoke up the judge’s robes claiming Connecticut has jurisdiction in Buffalo. Dueling states or legal frivolity?

            Public Forum

              Public scrutiny of court proceedings is a fundamental right of society. Be wary of those who seek secrecy under the rule of law.

              Call Georgia

                Living in Cumming, Georgia, peach plates and driver license, tells the court he lives in Fairfield, CT.

                Carl Ajello

                  Prosecutorial misconduct personified, white niggah Connecticut style. Pedo rule of law.