Cromwellian Police

Time to take a hard look at the Connecticut gestapo who are executing their master’s agenda in undermining the First Amendment.  Take a retarded thug, give him a badge, a gun along with arrest authority and we have our own home grown terrorists.  Example of donut monsters in uniform is the Cromwell Police Department under the incompetent leadership of gender confused Chief Denise Lamontagne.

One of her untrained flying monkeys makes a public statement that he does not require a search warrant to break down the front door to a residential home on Douglas Drive.  The thug with a badge can’t spell Constitution nor can he count to Fourth Amendment.  His statement is government sponsored terrorism, which the people have a duty to check.

One would have to get out a box of crayons and draw Lamontagne’s jack booted thug a picture or two, or three; explaining in great detail how the Constitution limits the ability of a government retard with a badge to kick down a door at will;  a search warrant issued by a court is required, after finding of probable cause of criminal activity.  Citizens are protected from the Cromwellian threat by the Fourth Amendment which allows people to be secure in their houses against unreasonable splintering of the front door; or threats thereto.

The Cromwellian thug clearly threatened a citizen, violated the Constitution, betrayed his oath; all while being paid with tax money from We the people, who now have a duty to inform the terrorist of the consequences associated with constitutional errors.  Perhaps an oratory that he who threatens the rights of citizens, who violates the Constitution, executes an illegal armed invasion of a home is subject to defense of the castle which includes the Second Amendment right to empty a thirty round clip into the intruder before the front door even comes off the hinges.  Such exercise of the rights protected by the Second and Fourth Amendment would cause in the loss of bowel control of the intruder, creating a smelly, bloody and unsanitary foyer, requiring a body bag to dispose of this unfortunate domestic enemy of the Constitution.  However, such explanation is rather long winded and probably incomprehensible to the Cromwellian terrorist.

So it is much easier to use Yankee vernacular; efficient, short and precise, such as:  Police who don’t need warrants, need body bags.  Or something historic like: Don’t Tread On Me. Or something more modern and more in line with the Cromwellian Police low IQ levels:  Fuck with me; I will fuck you up.  Police threatening citizens with illegal searches and armed intrusions would be the ‘fuck with me’ clause; the defense of castle would be the ‘I will fuck you up’ clause.  Pretty much sums up the people’s right to defend the Constitution, their homes and their children from Cromwellian terrorists.

As for islamic comments about lovingly killing jews, that is just another verse from the Quoran.  Posting a religious belief on facebook is hardly criminal activity, unless you are a deviant jewish judge with an agenda against the goyim.  Free speech, get over it.

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Gender confused civil rights abuser.