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Terrorist Chief Judicial Marshal Nicholas Pesce of Waterbury

The Connecticut Judiciary is the third branch of state government; entrusted to protect the rights of the people, protect the Constitution and be the hallmark of a civilized society.  A great responsibility, requiring great accountability to the people who rely upon its proper functioning.

Needless to say, the third branch is no different than the other two twisted twigs masquerading as a government of the people, for the people and by the people of Corrupticut.  Just another gestapo of totalitarian rulers of chosen attitude and no intellect.

Chief Judicial Marshal of the Waterbury, J.D. is Nicholas Pesce, a jack booted thug who relishes in having a badge, wearing a uniform and carrying pepper spray, oversees smaller jack booted thugs roaming the family courtroom of Judge Anna M. Ficeto.  Such courtroom being a public forum, open to We the people.  Interested members of the public sit in the gallery to observe Judge Ficeto ignore the rule of law in the Grohs case on 10 August.  Of great interest to the public is the ’emergency’ charade fabricated by the now famous dickhead Michael Fasano, Esq. 

A strange thing happened in the forum.  A jack booted moron with a badge unleashes his chosen attitude upon a member of the public, by ordering to cease and desist note taking.  A citizen who sits quietly, taking notes under the protection of the First Amendment is attacked by a domestic enemy of the Constitution, wearing a badge.

Yeah, read that again.  Asshole with a badge, maliciously harassing citizens by forbidding note taking in the public forum.  What exactly is the purpose of these constitutional retards under the direction of terrorist Director O’Donovan Murphy?  The black irish have taken up duties of ISIS to undermine the rule of law, civil rights and general decency of society?  Taking orders from Judge Carroll and his chosen sidekick Judge Elliot Solomon to destroy We the people?  Orders of the Public Service and Trust Commission?

Given the victim of Chief Pesce’s domestic terrorism is a member of the General Assembly, is this not an attack by the Judiciary on the Legislature?  Criminal conduct under 18 USC §241, a conspiracy to undermine the Constitution?  Attack government?  Terrorize the people?  Rough equivalent of a true threat?  Misuse of public funds?  Abuse of office?  Will the Connecticut State Police under the pathetic leadership of Colonel Alaric Fox investigate the crime committed at Chief Pesce’s direction?  Will sworn law enforcement officers root out the conspirators?  Arrest the offenders?  Uphold the law?  Protect citizens?

Puhleeze.  Of course not.  The chosen thugs of Connecticut are untouchable.  They exist to do their master’s bidding and don’t give a flying fuck about fellow citizens or their so-called rights.  Be thankful the citizen was not beaten senseless for having a black pen. This is Connecticut, no one can hear you scream.  Just shut up and get in the boxcar.

Judicial Marshal thug who tells the public they can’t take notes in a public court. Doug Leach.

Joe Gaetano Judical Marshal Union Thug

Judge Ficeto, ‘spic Child Trafficker

Judicial Marshal Chief Thugs

Judicial Thug Honor Guard

New Judicial Marshal Thugs

Chief Marshal Thug Odonovan Murphy