Welcome to Gulag Connecticut, an open air prison, where the Constitution is suspended and the government tramples ‘we the people’. The now-famous blog highlights the specific acts of specific players who work to undermine the rights of the people, for the benefit of jews who profit from trafficking children in the mislabeled ‘family court’.

Gulag Connecticut’s most powerful jew family court judge, Gerard Adelman recently flexed his talmudic muscle in the Ambrose case by issuing a GAG order to muzzle the peasants, preventing public discussion of the rape of the children: Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. Outside the Gulag, this is formally known as prior restraint which is unconstitutional, beyond the power state government. But Adelman is a jew, Bill of Rights does not matter, the goy will kneel to his tyranny … inside the Gulag perhaps. Best to rape children in secrecy.

The Gulag practice of appointing jew lawyers as guardians ad litem, blessed with jewdicial immunity, free to bill at will, reveals the secret practice of hiding the invoices from a curious public. In order for the jew judge of family court to order payment of the ‘reasonable attorney fees’ incurred, there must be evidence held by the court. This is the signed invoice of the jewish GAL. However, in the secret gulag courts, the invoices never make it to the file, so the public cannot scrutinize the extent of the racketeering operation run by the judges. Parents are ordered to pay, threatened with jail for non-payment, while there is no evidence of services and fees held by the court. Secrecy in billing? For what purpose other than to conceal the deceit of the jew in a public forum? Jew revenue is a secret in the Gulag.

Further secrecy in the financial racketeering is the order of the court to pay the GAL becomes a state sponsored financial transaction, which must be reported to revenue service via a 1099 form. The cleverness of the jew ignores this, having the parents pay the jew GAL directly, the judiciary turns a blind eye to the financial reporting requirements, thus concealing the ill-gotten revenue from the tax man. Tax cheats, a jewish delicacy, sponsored by judges in secrecy.

As the court is a public forum, there is interest in the files. The internet allows for public scrutiny of civil, housing, criminal, court filings via a smart phone using the whizbang e-file system, paid for by the public. The jews of family court do not allow public scrutiny of e-file via the internet, as it allows a curious public easy view of the shenanigans of family court, a concept abhorred by the jew. Nigger boy Chief Justice Robinson ($210k/yr) and Judge Carroll ($211k/yr) conspire to hide court files from the pubic. More secrecy in the Gulag.

The crown jewel of jewdicial secrecy in the public forum is the evil ‘custody evaluation’ performed by a jewish psychologist, appointed with absolute immunity by the jew court with an expanding price tag to be paid without limit by the unsuspecting parents. The jew judge will issue all sorts of orders to prevent this jewish work product of child trafficking from entering the public domain, to the point of not even letting the fleeced parents have a copy. Sound jewish? Fabricate a bunch of lies, applied with no foundation in science, just a jewish opinion given the authority of a jew judge to traffic children, while enriching the jew psychobabblist on which the custody decision will rest. A rule of evidence straight outta the talmud rules for the rabbinical court. So jewish, so secret.

The decisions issued by jew judges of family court are dutifully sent by clerks to the Reporter of Judicial Decisions, a little pissant jew named Eric Levine ($139k/yr), who promptly trashes the decision, hiding it from public scrutiny. If the public would like to collect family court decisions for the last three years, sort them by judge, to scrutinize the inconsistency of jewdicial discretion, the little jew reporter makes it impossible. Jews work together to keep the goy from seeing how they work, even in a court of law in the Gulag. Family court decisions are secret in the Gulag.

Then there is the SECRET guide to family court, a bench book, produced by judge support services department under Deirdre McPadden ($169k/yr), which provides jewdicial direction to the conduct of family court proceedings, procedures underpinning due process, and who knows what else. Insiders suggest that it is jew Judge Elliot Solomon’s talmudic directive of how to treat the goy and traffic their children under the color of dissolution law. The publication is listed in the catalog of the Library of Congress as published by the judicial branch of the State of Connecticut, but the public cannot see it. More secrecy.

The over-educated, blog legal beagles note that due process is defined in procedures. If the judge relies on a bench book to prescribe the conduct of a trial, then that guide must be known to the litigants, otherwise no due process or equal protection. An unfair trial a secret bench book does make. It is a fundamental principle of Anglo-American jurisprudence that secret trials are abhorred.

There is no state interest in hiding files, invoices, decisions, and procedures from the public, just a jew’s necessity to promote racketeering. However, in Gulag Connecticut, the jew applies concealment, deceit, and secrecy to a court system of a sovereign people for chosen benefit. Very jewish.

What calibre shot does the jew beg? The First Amendment is abolished by the jew courts in Gulag Connecticut. Do prisoners hold enough powder to blow away the jew wall of secrecy? Do the prisoners hold fortitude to protect the children from the jew? Secrecy can be dangerous for some, painful too.

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