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Adelman Deception

Card tricks, sleight of hand, trickery, word salad, doublespeak, and sworn testimony by Judge Gerard I. Adelman share a common purpose … DECEPTION.

The now-famous blog quotes sworn testimony from the chief jew child rapist of the Connecticut family court from his re-appointment hearing of January 2017.

Judge Gerard Adelman

“Custody cases that are prolonged are damaging to the children and they must be decided quickly and fairly. As a result, I’ve been the target of anti-Semitic and other complaints. My family has been threatened physically involving state police you know to protect them. And yet I still do the work because I believe it is my job and it is my passion to deliver fair, reasoned, compassionate decisions.”

The jew doublespeak suggests that prolonged trials damage children. Trials must be quick and fair. Because of the necessity of quickness and fairness jew boy is the target of being a jew and other complaints; like being a pedophile jew. His family has been threatened physically, which is something different than free expression criticizing an incompetent jurist using public funds to traffic goy kids. The thin blue muscle of the State Police provide protection of a jew monster in a black robe who fucks over children while draining family bank. But jew boy believes it is his duty under the Talmud to fuck over families from the bench, on behalf of a sovereign people, it is his passion to deliver compassionate decisions that tear families apart, destroys childhood, and creates financial ruin, while his jew pals profit.

How does this jewish fucktard believe that his treatment of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer Ambrose is fair, reasoned, or compassionate? Forced isolation of children from a parent is psychological torture and child abuse under federal law. But to Adelman it is a jewish PASSION to wreak havoc on the goy and their four legged calves. Thirty days of trial, spread over seven months with no end in site, twenty months of with no hugs from mom. According to the legal logic of Adelmonster, his passion is bleeding the Ambrose family bank dry, while enriching jew lawyers Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz, while inflicting abuse and neglect upon three gifts from the Christian God, while inflicting intentional emotional distress on mother, and kids, in complete disregard of law. Pretty much proves that Adelman is a child predator, domestic terrorist, and a simple liar. Who to rid the bench of tyranny? Perjury before the legislature?

Does Adelman need medication? Does not his twisted logic beg in-treatment care at an institution designed to deal with severe mental disorders? Is he a danger to society, to himself, risk of harm to others? Does he require a guardian to make decisions which his defective mind cannot? Cognitive dissonance disqualifies even a jewish judge.

Adelman wants the public to know his passion to preside over divorce matters, as he clearly states that the rest of the judge club abhors family court. To wit:

Judge Gerard Adelman

“Quite frankly most judges in our state do not want to hear family cases. That’s a fact. Judge Suarez does not want to hear family cases.”

Another public service warning for the unsuspecting goy who enter the jewish family court of Connecticut.