Sharon Dornfeld

It’s back! The dykish child predator has poked its ugly head out of its pedo hole in an attempt to wreak more havoc on a civilized society. Sharon Dornfeld thinks she should be on the Ridgefield Police Commission. Pedo cunt Dornfeld wants to team up with the thin blue child rapists under the pederasty command of Chief Jeffrey Kreitz. Children run scared!

Blog fans remember Sharon Wicks Dornfeld from her notoriety in family court, taking on lucrative appointments by judges as a guardian ad litem for child victims, double billing parents while sitting in the courthouse lobby, picking her nose, waiting for case call; looting family bank. She was the pedo promoter in the 2014 legislative inquiry to GAL malfeasance in family court, where she defended excessive fees and successfully fought to prevent forcing GALs to be mandated reporters of child abuse. Fought hard against the legislative effort to protect children’s college funds from raiding to pay GALs, the legislature won. Dornfeld’s pals were pissed at the loss of the funding source. She is a real pedo puppet, does exactly what the state child predators dictate. Rape kids, rape bank, all she is about. Sharon Dornfeld is a sinister nasty person, human scum, filth of the earth to be washed away and forgotten.

The now-famous blog gives a shout out to the hideous looking Susan D. Cocco, who stuck out an endorsement to be blog stomped. Ms. Cocco is just fuckin’ ugly and writes like a chicken. See her pathetic endorsement here, but read the blog translation below.

The Ridgefield Police Commission does not need another pedophile child predator like Sharon Dornfeld.  She is total scum, a candidate with real legal experience of raping childhoods, stealing family savings, abusing office, protecting child rapists, promoting pedophilia; a protected pet of the state pedo mafia. She is a professional predator, victimizing the unsuspecting, feigning concern of community matters while doing satan’s work. Her decades of legal abuse practiced in the family court created a large crowd of victimized parents who would like to lynch her dumb ass, demonstrateing she is an inhumane monster who will destroy a child for a buck, which is her front line reality. She did some dirty deeds for folks in Danbury, which got her appointed as Assistant Corporation Counsel.  Her legal expertise is so pathetic she can barely handle Parking Violation Appeals and will double a fine for neighbors just to show her dislike. She has no brains, cannot hold a thoughtful dialogue, and is so delusional to think that asking questions like where did she park her car at the pub is a skill.  As we consider raping more children, teaching transgenderism to minors, reducing the age of consent to pre-puberty, Sharon Dornfeld will be the intelligent, committed, and skilled Police Commissioner pedos need to protect the pedophiles of Ridgefield while children are raped. Her 40 year town residence provides her the knowledge of where all the skeletons are buried, so that she can continue to work and contribute to the special way to love children.  Please vote for Sharon Dornfeld for Police Commissioner to protect the municipal practice of pedophilia.   Susan D. Cocco  Branchville Rd 203-247-0511

Yes folks of Ridgefield, get out the pedo vote and have Sharon Wicks Dornfeld continue the only racket she knows: child rape. Vote for her pedo pal Ralph Money too! Disgusting humans who prey on children. Note that if the Ridgefield Police ever find Dornfeld dead in a ditch with Chapter 25 of the Practice Book shoved up her ass the suspect list would be incredibly long. In the old days of Connecticut, horse thieves and child predators swung together … the good old days.

The evil disgusting Sharon Wicks Dornfeld, pedo hunters can shoot on sight.