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The Black Connection

Remember how the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute beat financial disclosure for child support of his son Xavier in Connecticut Superior Court?  The white mother filed for a modification of child support, the judge protected Couloute, beat up the mom, violated the law.  Story is here.  The protective judge was the very BLACK Sybil Richards.

Now the other white mother of Couloute’s daughter has been arrested because she could not bring herself to endanger little Sophia Couloute by returning the frightened child to the care of the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute.  Under New York law, it is a criminal offense of child endangerment to knowingly give your child to a sexual abuser and a perp of domestic violence.  See NY Penal Article 260.10.   The mother would be guilty in failing to exercise reasonable diligence in the control of Sophia in preventing her from being abused by the deviant behavior of Couloute.  Also, mom would be guilty of intentional neglect as Couloute fails to maintain any medical insurance on the child and pays no child support.  So any law abiding mother would not turn over such a precious child in an act of endangerment.

But, then five Erie County Sheriffs show up, seize the kid, turn the kid over to the sexual predator, then arrest the mother without warrant.  So what game is the Erie County District Attorney playing and why?  A quick look at the org chart under John J. Flynn quickly reveals the answer.  The DA’s chief for domestic violence is Holly J. Tucker, a BLACK woman.  Go figure.  Black boy Couloute gets interstate black protection from black judges and black prosecutors.  Afterall, he is a former member of the elite Connecticut prosecutors club.  Pedophiles have protection, across state lines.

So, why does First Deputy District Attorney Michael J. Keane set mother’s bail at $20,000?  Keane is married with four kids, lives in Orchard Park at 3 Winterhall Rd.  What does Mrs. Lynn Keane say about his bullying of a mother protecting a child from sexual and physical abuse?  Obviously not an application of law.  Does Lynn Keane realize she is married to a member of the pedo mafia?  Do the four Keane kids realize their father aids and abets sexual predators who victimize a little five year old girl?  That Michael Keane is a mother hunter?  Will the gossip in Orchard Park turn to Michael Keane’s claim to the court that the mother was a risk of harm to the child?  He claimed on behalf of the people of Erie County to the judge that the mother was the source of harm to the child.  Is Mrs. Lynn Keane really sleeping in the same bed as Michael?  Is she going to slap Michael silly for embarrassing her and the kids by the head of household’s claim that Sophia’s mother, who has been beaten, broken and bled by Couloute is the source of harm to the child?

Something says Michael J. Keane will be sleeping on the couch or in a hotel after his wife Lynn reads this.  But then Lynn is a Supreme Court Judge of Erie County, maybe she is in on child trafficking and pedo protection as well.  She was a former prosecutor in the Erie County DA’s office.  Might be a cesspool of inbred pedophiles living in Orchard Park.  Wonder what the kids at the local school will think of the Keane family now?

Of more curious note, why does Michael J. Keane claim that Sophia’s mom is a threat to the child when he knows that Matthew Couloute does not pay child support and is in arrearage by $14,000.00?  C’mon, Mikey, you are lookin’ like a pedo protector and a child trafficker.

What is the problem with DA John J. Flynn?  He can’t explain why his people fail to protect a sexually abused little girl?  Locking mom up is the new form of child protection?  Or is it more likely that Flynn and Keane are just professional child traffickers and pedophiles themselves?

Wait ’til their wives read this.


The Black Holly Tucker on the right.

DA John J. Flynn child trafficker and mother hunter.

Deputy Da Michael J. Keane, child trafficker and mother hunter.

Home of mother hunter Michael Keane in Orchard Park….Neighbors beware!!

Judge Lynn Wessel Keane and Deputy DA Michael J. Keane and kids.

Judge Sybil Richards, Couloute protector, white mother basher.

Matthew Couloute Mugshot, Arrested for wife beating, bone breaking.