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Perjury…lie at will

Ever notice that perjury is never prosecuted in family courts?  To a degree it is encouraged as it creates conflict, drags out litigation and enriches lawyers.

No matter where in the country, no matter what family court, no matter what the penal code states as to the sanctity of sworn testimony, there is an unwritten Talmud edict among prosecutors that family court perjury is a protected standard that trumps the rule of law in a civilized society.  A most un-American concept.

Let’s take a backwater county court in Woodchuckville, NY.  Typical corrupt family child trafficking operation, staffed with incompetent judges, money hungry lawyers, a nasty clerk and no respect for the law.  The sovereign people hold lying under oath to be criminal conduct by penal code Article 210.  A mother takes the stand testifying that dad spreads falsehoods about her being a ‘dangerous’ person.  She further specifies that the sheriff who served her papers stated father made such disparaging statement to him and the process service was trauma as it was done before the child.

Sheriffs get upset when people speak ill of their professional duties. When questioned, the accused deputy instantly exposed the mother’s perjury.  Probable cause of mother’s criminal conduct established, complaint made to a sworn law enforcement officer.

Will justice prevail?  Will laws be enforced?  Will society uphold its standards?  Of course not.  One call by the District Attorney stops any criminal charges.  Subversive terrorist DA undermines the legitimacy of the court with public funds.  The jewdicial discretion of the county prosecutor trumps rule of law.  Perjury in family court is upheld by ADA Brandon P. Rathbun.  So un-American.  Lie at will.  Not like it is a real court of law.  Perjury is simply protected speech by jewdicial whim.  Read more about Systemic Lying.  Read criminal complaint.

Woodchuck Sheriff of Woodchuckville