What if …

Time for the pontificating, philosophizing, patriotic elders of the famous blog community to ask the ultimate civics question regarding the family court: What if …

What if, the tyranny of child trafficking and suspension of rights is so deeply embedded in the jewdicial psyche under no fault divorce that the children are in danger, where the parents of the nation have no recourse in redress of grievances. No remedy in state court, state legislatures, federal court, nor Congress. The parents only have the Second Amendment to protect the nation’s children from harm, for the present, and future generations. So the ultimate ‘what if …’ comes before the blog for public review.

What if, parents across the nation holding necessity for the security of a free state and protection of its children, aggregate funds to raise a militia armed under the Second Amendment to hunt down domestic enemies of the Constitution, who manifest threat to children, the inheritors of the nation? Seems very constitutional. What if, we the people identify the jewish form of family court as a threat to state security, raise a militia to defend freedom, for the sole purpose of attacking the terrorists and their pets. The effect is revolutionary. No lobbying, no hearings, no proposed statutes, no back room antics of the lecherous Bar Association and other vultures. Protection of children’s life, liberty, and the armed pursuit of all who threaten it. GALs blessed with purposeless immunity from suit, face a night scope, on a sniper rifle, concealed in bushes, atop a neighbor’s hill, will think twice before taking the jewdicial appointment to rape family savings. Would the silver be worth the lead?

Would jewish vendors of psychobabble put forth inhumane opinions based on fabricated evaluations knowing that Special Ops teams of the Parental Militia have rigged their Audi with C4? What if, the unscrupulous attorneys who prey on children and family bank to pay their mortgages, find that their houses spontaneously combust while arguing before the jewdicial authority in defamation of a parent? What if, the jewdicial authority felt the pain of the rabbinical court’s discretionary decisions employing children as weapons of litigation and punishment? Isolate a parent from a child, absent due process and compelling state interest … a judge’s child goes missing. A POW of the Parental Militia. A jailing of a parent for not paying the GAL? The judge goes missing … POW of a righteous constitutional war of free citizens versus jewish tyrants. What if, the Parental Militia holds management responsible for the tyranny of family court? Governors experience food poisoning of too much lead, Chief Justices suffer heart attacks from gaping holes in ventricles, conspiring appellate judges targeted by laser equipped drones? What if, the chosen ones realize they are targeted?

What if, the Parental Militia recognize corrupted legislative action has dismantled citizens’ rights in the family court? Too many lawyers codifying the whim of jewdicial deviancy into state law? Hunt these terrorist too? Headless bodies with eviscerated stomachs spilling the chewed remains of tyrannical statutes on the steps of state capitols? Skulls on pikes at courthouses? A parental revolt.

What if, all the family court judges in your state stopped breathing, would anyone care? Would it not be viewed as a good thing? Would not the real judges of a state applaud the cleansing of the filthy bench as a gift from God? There is great constitutional inspiration for such a militia to secure a free state. Who would object? For years now, these deviant judges beg their own destruction, incite the people to violence, imminent lawless action, but where no other recourse exists, violence becomes the legal form of redress.

What if, children whose childhoods were destroyed by the tyrannical authority rise to the leadership of the Militia, their damaged psyches pursuing vengeance to the point they hunt the very judges who assailed them, rip out jewdicial hearts, tossing the bloody mass to the wolves, burn their houses, exterminate their offspring, so that their seed disappears from the earth? Payback’s a bitch!

What if …

A well armed militia, necessary for the protection of the children of a free state.
Neighborhood reaction to family court horrors, absolute immunity means nothing to a .308