SV Scam!

The parasitic jews of family court have exposed their scam of supervised visitation, yet again! The jewdicial authority of New York Family Court, the notoriously unfit-to-sit Judge Matthew Cooper, orders that a mother whose womb brought her daughter into this world can only ‘visit’ in the presence of a court appointed visitation supervisor. No rule of law, no finding of criminal conduct, nothing but jewdicial discretion played out with intent to traffic a child. But the jew judge has been called out for aiding and abetting a scam!

The court acts on power of the state. The state has limits, the sovereign people control those limits, but jew judges ignore all and rule from a rabbinical bench with unbridled powers that only occasionally catch a bullet or the public spotlight. Judge Cooper ordered something that does not exist under New York law. There is no state authority that recognizes, licenses, regulates, or monitors this scam known as ‘supervised visitation’. Judge Cooper appoints fellow jew scam artist Rick Spitzer to supervise mother with her daughter Abby. The jew scam is designed for Spitzer to report back to jewmaster judge that mom is bad and that Abby is better off with her psychotic father, despite dad’s heavy dosage of lithium to keep him from going completely insane. A commercial operation known to the court as Comprehensive Family Services, a corporation registered with the New York State, but strangely holds no insurance coverage for providing unlicensed, unregulated services to unsuspecting mothers.

Being a good protective mother, she asks Spitzer to show his insurance certificate for being a visitation supervisor under court order. EXPOSED!!! Spitzer has no insurance coverage to be around a child performing an undefined service, for an undefined purpose, just because the jew in the black robe ordered it. A judge of New York is ordering a service that is so special and so necessary for the ‘best interest’ of the child that the gypsy provider does not even have insurance. Oh, the jews are so bold, they think no one is watching and that the man behind the curtain can’t be seen.

Now let’s take a look at the bad blonde dye job on the brainless head of Chief Justice Janet DiFiore. This lady knows full well that her underlings are ordering the supervised scam to be provided by vendors who are not licensed, regulated, nor insured. How much of a cut does the dumb blonde get for ignoring the reckless endangerment of children by her own judges? Is it worth a .50 cal to the head? A tar and feather spa treatment? A pair of concrete shoes and a walk in the East River? Time to hold the monsters in black robes accountable? The jews are so above the goy that they will unleash their uninsured synagogue pals to scam every dollar they can find.

A single .50 cal to knock some sense into Cooper and DiFiore? Let them feel the wrath of a sovereign people for endangering children? Matching concrete shoes? A leaded black robe and a swim in Hell’s Kitchen? What will it take to eliminate the evil from the bench? A baptism in Holy Water, until the bubbles stop? Perhaps the Second Amendment is all that is left for parents to protect children from the jewish monsters of society.

Jewdicial reform? Child protection?
Mob rule or mobster rule? Real Mob bosses never trafficked kids.