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North Korea and every other self respecting country in the world has adopted the protocols of the United Nations Commission of Rights of Children, except the USSA.  So what is so different about the land of the free and the home of the stupid that it is the only country in the world that has turned its back on a global agreement on children?

Or frame the question from a different aspect, why did North Korean ratify the measure but not the USSA?  Let’s look at the obvious.  The North Koreans don’t have jews and don’t have a Bar Association run by jews.  The North Koreans don’t have any white jews who promote pedophilia, gay marriage, racial discord and have no need to traffick their young.  NK does not have a local chapter of the jewish AFCC either.  No chosen people in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to traffick the kids of the unchosen.

See what happens when your country falls victim to jewish lawyers under the spell of the Talmud?  A nationwide terrorist Bar organization to usurp the power of the people?  White jewish supremacists in black robes advancing the Talmud over democracy under the guise of judicial discretion, a.k.a. jewdicial discretion.

The American people are so stupid, so controlled, so manipulated by the jewish agenda that it is the only country in the world to ignore the U.N.’s efforts to protect kids.  Protecting kids is not what the jews want, so the U.S. will not play.  Too many miscreant, pedo loving lawyers live off of the suffering of American children to surrender control of the game to the U.N.

Think about that before you enter a family court….the communist kids of North Korea have it better than your kids.

See links:  UN Committee Child Rights .  OHCHR Rights of Child