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When the paedophiles get mad, the First Amendment goes out the window. Free speech for everyone, except those mothers who call out the perverted dicks that seek out little boys. Oi vey, here we go again. This time it is Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court upholding prior restraint to gag a mother’s free speech regarding what went on in family court, which was open to the public. Not even da famous blog can make this shit up!!

A paedophile protecting judge by the name of Kim B. Clark, a black woman in a black robe with no brains between her ears gagged mother Susan Silver, M.D. and her lawyers from speaking about what went on in open court, where her adopted son testified about daddy’s roaming penis. Another example of nigger judge beholden to her paedo masters rather than the rule of law. Oi vey! Note that there is nothing in the court file that is sealed, it is all public record, but nigger girl Clark orders that white mom cannot make any protected expressions of what occurred in a public forum subject to public scrutiny. Rather un-American, but very paedo like. Guess who ended up with sole custody of the little boy … yep, you guessed, paedo dad; Mr. Sammy Bertenthal …. sound jewish?

The kid’s name is Fernando Bertenthal-Humphreys, who has rather dark skin, originally adopted by Sammy and his now deceased first wife Anne R. Humphreys, both white. Fernando’s biological parents are absent from this constitutional drama. Anne, a very white Episcopalian, met and married jew boy Sammy Bertenthal in Pittsburgh several years back, adopting as a couple, but then Anne died of cancer, leaving Sammy a jewish single white father with a dark skinned kid. Along comes wifey #2, Susan Silver, MD, where wedded bliss leads to her adopting Fernando, but bliss ends in less than a year and family court drama takes over. Fernando is the self-admitted victim of Sammy’s wandering dick, which nine year old Fernando testifies to, in open court before Judge Clark. (yes, the dumb nigger cunt put a child on the stand to accuse his father of a crime … believe that shit?). But the black judge does not believe that the dark skinned boy is telling the truth and finds that Sammy is not the dick that Fernando described in his ass. Sole custody goes to jew boy Sammy, his son Fernando is labelled a nut job by the nigger judge. Typical paedo play in family court when there is sexual abuse of little boys, hear all the evidence, call bullshit on the claim, and take the kid away from mother … classic.

The jews of Pittsburgh don’t like seeing their dirty laundry in the media, so when Susan Silver and her lawyers went public, holding a press conference, nigger girl Judge Clark retaliated under direction of her masters by cancelling the First Amendment, gagging mom in her expression of family court … sound familiar? Like the blog needs mom to tell the paedo story when the court record documents it all! The appeal on the ‘gag’ went all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, who upheld the gag on mom to protect the ‘privacy’ of Fernando. So while neither mom nor her lawyer Richard Ducote can make expressions of how the jews of the South Hills of Pittsburgh work to protect their love of paedophilia, the famous blog will gladly take up the constitutional slack.

The blog notes that state courts are comical when it comes to First Amendment matters. Nothing in the case of Silver v Bertenthal is sealed. Fernando’s testimony to being molested by adoptive dad Sammy is in the court record. Public scrutiny of nigger judges in public forums is a 1A protected right. Oi vey, the jews so hate the Constitution of the Goy!!! For a technical analysis of the bullshit high court opinion from Pennsylvania read the article by law professor Eugene Volokh here and the dissent of two justices here. For the less technically inclined, suffice it to say that the paedophiles of Pennsylvania don’t want public criticism of the family courts by parents who are eye witnesses to child trafficking and child abuse, simple. The totally insane opinion by Justice Max Baer, is just insane, a bunch of AFCC jibberish feigning a privacy concern for sexually abused children that does not exist. It is the duty of the people to scrutinize the conduct of the courts, it is the essence of self-governance. Now shut up and get in the boxcar, the judges will decide who can talk about raped children!!!

Editor’s Note: Watch the banned press conference here!

Justice jew Max Baer, upholding gag orders to undermine First Amendment to further the paedophile agenda of Pittsburgh … Baer is an idiot.
Nigger jew puppet Kim Clark, issued the gag order to protect Allegany County paedophiles, by direction of the state paedo ring … so obvious.
Fernando the abused, he is jewish now!
Sammy Bertenthal with wife #1, Anne Humphreys and little play toy Fernando.
Gagged Attorney Richard Ducote.