Illusion Of Law

It is obvious to most victims of family courts that there is no law, no justice, no logic; just the whim of discretion of a moron in a black robe who rules from the Talmud rather than the Constitution. The jews own family court. A bully pulpit to advance the agenda of Zion to destroy the Christian host society and the ancient meaning of family. Whether it is Black Lives Matter or Best Interests Of Children, it is the same Marxist theories to advance the power of the jew over humanity. The anti-christ will come as a jew, many litigants have already seen him in a black robe.

Let’s examine the illusion of law in the 3rd Department, Appellate Division of the New York State Court System. To ascend to this bench, one must be appointed by a Governor who is owned and controlled by jewish interests. Governor Nipple Piercing Cuomo puts a gender confused fatso dyke by the name of Elizabeth Garry in charge to appease the synagogues of Manhattan. No Christian society would elevate a person with such mental defect to such an important role, but politics of NY is not Christian. Garry is not exceptional, she is not smart, she has no track record of being a great litigator or prosecutor or public defender. Other than being an advocate for gender confusion, she was on the planning commission for two years in the woodchuck hamlet of New Berlin, while also being a pretend judge collecting parking fines in Town Court. She is a typical bottom tier lawyer who slept through Albany Law. But she is a dyke, so she is most qualified to the jews. She serves on the queer committee of LGBTQ judges, like what the fuck is that about … queer judges rule differently? Dykes and jews, a dangerous combination.

The queers of society are used strategically by the jews, to silence white supremacists and their light brown Christian cousins who criticize an incompetent dyke on the bench. You must be homophobic and therefore bad! Establishment of a LBGTQ ‘commission’ within the NY court system provides a veil of legitimacy for the mentally defective queers of the court. Oi vey, tax money to advance the jewish agenda … again? In simple terms, Garry is a queer puppet, manipulated by the jews to destroy a Christian society. Keeping up the illusion of appellate review is just part of the deception.

The 3rd Department pretends to review orders of the lower courts for which folks with a brain find to be flawed for legal cause. In reality, it is a decision mill run by jews who control the jewdicial opinions spewed by the court. One may think that an appeal is reviewed and deliberated by the five judges on the panel, but in reality, they just sleep with eyes open at oral arguments while court mechanics are carried out by research staff under the control of a jew. Meet Janis Cohen, a lawyer who never filed a brief or had a client. A slug from Buffalo Law, a jew from Loundonville’s Ohav Shalom, she has worked as a court paper pusher/researcher since 1982. She now holds the title of Supervisor of Decision Department of dyke Garry’s court. You thought the judges wrote the decisions … ha! According to the court website, Cohen “Attends confidential meetings with the Justices at which all cases before the Court are discussed and decided, reads and edits all decisions of the Court prior to publication, and supervises the clerical staff responsible for the processing and handing down of all decisions of the Court. Also performs a variety of legal research services as well as administrative and related duties for the Court.” There is a research department of twenty overpaid attorneys within the court, which is effectively a decision factory which churns out rubbish which the public believes to be judicial opinion.

To pull the curtain back to reveal the inner workings simply review Judge Thomas E. Mercure’s stats for 25 years sitting in this court. He stayed awake for more than 21,000 oral arguments. He personally authored more than 3,000 decisions. Assuming he only took two weeks of vacation a year, plus holidays, no sick days, he spent a max of 6,000 days in the office. The ‘math’ says that is one written decision every two workdays and four concurring decisions a day, while attending at least four oral arguments a day, plus other administrative duties. Broken down on an hourly basis, for every sixteen hours in the office, he heard 8 oral arguments, wrote 1 complete decision and concurred in 7 other decisions; which works out to one hour for each activity, for twenty-five years! Unbelievable. The math proves the 3rd Department is an opinion factory where the opinions are created in the basement with a large staff of non-judge types. See the illusion of rule of law? More like rule by moles. Really think Mercure did all that? Gimme a break.

Pretty much proves that the opinions of the court are simply opinions of the hired help.

But let’s not forget the jewish role of the senior staff who control the mill. Janis Cohen and Beth Lifshitz cost the State well over $400k a year to fuck up the law. Equal protection, out the window! Due process, stand in line! Pro se … fuck you up! These two jewish cunts are the decision makers of the appellate court, as they control what the judges see on every case, injecting the Zionist poisons that work to slowly destroy the fabric of America. Garry ignores her oath and duty while spending her time waving a rainbow flag and attacking a Christian society for treating her like the mental psycho whack nut she is. The other judges maintain golf clubs and country houses while chamber clerks take direction and opinion from the jewish controlled research department in the basement.

It is interesting to note that there are five senior staff members to the 3rd Department. What are the odds that all come from Albany Law? You guessed it….four of the five are from the bottom of the barrel law school at Albany. One would think that for such an important court, there would be some more outstanding players. But look at the court make up of ten judges, half went to Albany Law. See what $50k a year at a private, come if you have money, law school for rich kids buys? Judges each cost over $300k a year and the senior clerks are not far behind. Public scam? You bet. Just keep believing that the ‘independent judiciary’ is working like a real court of law … until you look behind the robes. Jewish and queer … of course. A simple jewish illusion of law.

If you like the dyke on the bench, support her queer re-election campaign. Garry For Justice

Chief Dyke of Third Department. Liz Garry running a fake court with decisions made in the basement.
Janis Cohen, confidential jewish counsel to the judges. Never practiced law a day in her life. Court insider since 1982. Salary $171k not including tips and kickbacks, controls judicial decisions.