Child Support Not Mandatory

A per curiam ruling by the 3rd Department, Appellate Division has determined that child support need not be paid by a parent, if the child’s needs are otherwise being met. The new ruling issued under the supervision of lesbian Judge Elizabeth A. Garry nullifies the state law that requires support payments and invokes penalties including incarceration for failure to pay. In the recent ruling, the court acknowledged the support order, the obligation to pay, the parent’s refusal to pay, a large arrearage, but found that the court had no need to address the matter, as there was no evidence of the child’s needs not being met.

The Chief Administrative Judge, Vito Caruso who covers the 3rd Department Appellate Court did not provide a statement on the nullification of child support statutes. However, his assistant, Attorney Kris K. Singh did state publicly that the decision is binding on all courts covered by the 3rd Department, which includes twenty-eight counties in the 3rd, 4th, and 6th judicial districts. Offices of the local administrative district judges,Thomas Breslin, Felix Cataena, Eugene Faughnan did not respond to public inquiries on the drastic decision nor did Director Lucian Chalfen of the court media office. However, Judge Faughnan’s office stated it was a nice day when the district said farewell to Garry upon her appointment to Albany, as she is not their headache anymore.

According to family court lawyer Barack O. Mackee of Albany, this decision is significant given the number of parents, mostly fathers who have been incarcerated for non-payment of court ordered child support. Mackee could not provide any rational reason for the court’s decision where it was a clear case of willful non-payment of a court obligation, but the appellate court just ignored it and deprived the child of support. Roberta Biamolian, the head of the family section of the New York Bar was upset by the decision, as attorneys spend extra efforts incarcerating fathers for non-payment of support, especially when the mother is on food stamps, as in this case. She did state that the decision was not binding on the other three appellate courts who would likely ignore the dyke’s ruling and continue to jail fathers under the law. Andee Bently, the lesbian Chief of Staff to Judge Garry feels that lesbian and transgender judges can make better decisions than straight ones, while children of straight fathers are not her concern.

The Bar Association has been aware of bizarre rulings out of the Albany appellate court ever since Garry, a lesbian advocate, took over on appointment by Governor Andrew Cuomo at the start of 2018. Apparently, Garry, being the first openly lesbian judge to run an appellate court, spends most of her time advocating for school boys to pee in the girls bathroom and run on the girls track team, because they identify as female. Gender fluidity is of great importance to Garry, obviously more important than upholding the laws of the legislature.

Jeffrey Dinowitz, the chair of the judiciary committee in the State legislature is speechless and provided no comment, as judicial dictatorship takes his breath away. Nullifying state law by the act of a judicial lesbian is deviant treason and needs to be checked. Betsy Ruslander, head of Attorneys for Children in the dyke’s court trains AFCs to ensure child support is properly collected, as the State pays attorneys to represent children and their interests. She has no idea why Attorney J. Mark McQueery allowed this child to go without support for so many years. But now that the ruling has changed the law, there is little reason to pursue enforcement of child support for kids in Upstate New York.

Just another example of how the judicial miscreants and deviants of society act to undermine the rule of law by usurping the power of the legislature.

Editor’s Note: When the courts ignore child support to isolate a child from one parent, it is a sign that the pedo ring is involved and the child is being trafficked. Support payments pale in comparison to the value of a child at the disposal of the ring. The judges are in on it.