Liz fails again!

Ever wonder why the 3rd Department of New York Unified Court System is so screwed up? Just look at the management under the confused orientation of the presiding judge, Elizabeth A. Garry, a miscreant of a human and a pathetic excuse of a legal expert. Another court system staffed with politically necessary gender confused lawyers, to pretend there is justice in the land. Blog can’t make this shit up.

The case of Jill and James recently came down from a panel of five judges, Garry, Clark, Lynch, Devine and Fitzgerald. The opinion was supposedly written by Clark, but the scratch is so bad, it could have been by any chicken on staff. The story goes, James and Jill went up the hill, fucked each other, Jill forgot the pill, had a daughter, who James did not meet until she was nine years old. After about six months of infrequent visits with dad, mother claims that the kid is suffering from “physical and emotional distress”. Like the kid was not already fucked up for wondering why all the other girls in school had fathers, but not her. Mom runs to Broome County Family Court, before the bench of Judge Mark Young, who really tried to help out, but the legal beagles made a mess of it. The ‘the-rapist’ claimed that the child was happy to meet dad, but the sting of not having a real family set in, where she became clinically depressed, all because of dad. Note the the-rapist is a dyke.

Judge Young does a decent job at sorting out the dysfunctional family grouping, despite the lawyers and therapists efforts to milk the case for rent money. He has a private chat with the kid, keeps up the visitation, allows for counseling, requires daily phone calls, pretty reasonable fare given the situation. But no!!! Can’t have that, the lawyers are off to the appellate races for more free money!!! In steps the old nasty hag Sandra M. Colatosti, out of Albany for mother, beating the drum that ‘dad is bad’ and to cut off all visitation, child should not know her father, all that is bad in life is dad’s fault! Next up is Michelle I. Rosien, out of Philmont to play along and suck up more free public money. Finally, there is Allen E. Stone, the AFC, out of Vestal, an old washed up black attorney, preying on children to pay his heating bill.

The appellate arguments are sad and pathetic. Like the appellate judges are going to fix their fucked up lives. They would have been better off just going to church, which would have been simple, effective, humane, even Christian, but generates no revenue for sleazy lawyers. The trio of attorneys conspire to submit meaningless arguments on the taxpayer’s dime. Colatosti argues mother’s claim to suspend visitation. Rosien waives her hands. Stone, the evil AFC, argues to suspend visitation. Two of the three violate case law and state policy, but free money is free money.

Why the 3rd Department took up the appeal rather than have Child Protective Services file a neglect petition against the mother is curious. But what Judge Christine Clark completely missed in her un-intelligible opinion is that the child is a ‘qualified individual’ under the Americans with Disabilities Act, where Title II requires the family court to provide accommodations to support her ‘adjustment disorder’ in facing the reality of having visits with dad. The court, acting as an agent of the State is barred by federal law in discriminating against the father because he is associated with a person who has a disability. The AFC’s claim was discriminatory under federal law. The court used the term ‘mental health’ problem, to describe the child’s reaction to the appearance of dad in her life, then uses that against the dad … a federal civil rights violation.

The matter should have never had to come before the family court, as both parents, James and Jill are responsible for the well being of their daughter. Parents, unmarried or divorced, hold a legal duty to protect their children from harm, both physical and emotional. The matter could have been easily referred to the local Department of Family Services, it was not a legal dispute for the court to adjudicate. The court should have tossed out Attorneys Colatosti and Stone for being totally fucking ignorant of the law. Mother had no standing to argue for suspension of visitation, the court could only entertain such a claim under a neglect petition brought under Family Court Act, Article 10. Colatosti took up an appeal from an Article 6/visitation proceeding. Totally stupid. Attorney Stone was even more clueless, but the dumb nigger is just a dumb nigger and should not be allowed near children.

Read Judge Christine Clark’s pointless opinion here. A careful read between the lines shows that Clark is trafficking for the ring. The opinion cuts Judge Mark Young out of the picture, vacates orders, sends it back for more pointless litigation to another judge, violates federal ADA law, all under the gloss of best interests. See through that?? Pretty obvious, the move of getting rid of Judge Young betrays Clark’s game.

State law requires that Broome County, Department of Children and Family Services, Commissioner Nancy J. Williams, bring a neglect petition against both parents, forcing them to ditch their family law vultures and act like parents for their daughter. This is just another case where judges and lawyers destroy children. Sort of like Tommy Valva’s case, but at the appellate level.

In simple terms, Jill Q and James R need to focus on being parents, not litigants. The court system needs to stop giving out lawyer feed, encouraging pointless litigation brought by ignorant lawyers before clueless judges like Garry and Clark. The judiciary needs to stop pretending they can write opinions to fix dysfunctional families and stop entertaining claims for child isolation. It is all a waste of public funds, in the end the children are just destroyed. RIP Tommy.

Editor’s Note: It is beyond all reasonable expectations to think that a dyke like Judge Garry holds any sense of judgment regarding children, but her ignorance of the federal ADA law is a terrifying.

Attorney Sandra Colatosti, pedophile, argues for child isolation and abuse with public funds, bottom of the barrel Albany Law grad.
AFC Allen Stone, dumb nigger pedophile arguing to isolate and abuse a child while acting as agent of the state.