Sen. John Kissel: Hater

The state of Corrupticut put on a most unconstitutional display of malfeasance by the actions of the Zionist leadership of the Judiciary Committee  on Friday.  The guest of honor was the notorious jewish mistake of a judge, the billboard famous Jane B. Emons, a heartless family court clown with the brains of a newt and the vengeance of Kundry.   A vile and evil aged sloth who acts solely to destroy the American and Christian concept of family.  A professional thief, a racketeer, a true scoundrel who uses the court to destroy families and plunder college savings accounts.  A true jew exercising Kundry’s revenge on the followers of Christ.

The jew control of the Jewdiciary Committee leadership was evident in the opening remarks of retarded fat boy Bar member (a.k.a. lawyer) Senator John Kissel of the 7th District.  The citizens of Granby, Windsor Locks, Suffield, Somers are beholden to the agenda of Zionism.  See hearing video here.  Kissel makes claim that the First Amendment does not exist.  He goes on a rant claiming that his beloved Connecticut holds no criticism of jews nor their beliefs and that anyone who dare speak ill of the chosen people is guilty of a hate crime.  See his remarks here.

Senator Kissel cannot comprehend the evil of the Family Court.  He knows it is a problem, but his jewish masters under the heavy hand of king jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon will not allow the government of ‘We the people’ to upset the jewish agenda that plays out in Family Court.  Predator jew judges destroy childhood while Kissel makes claim that criticizing a jewish judge for acting outside the law is a hate crime.  He ignores the fact that ‘We the people’ of the United States hold a constitutional right to hate.  The Supreme Court of the land of the free and the home of the brave stated ninety years ago that the ‘proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express the  thought  that  we  hate.’ (279 US 644, 655)

The angst of Family Court is the jewish wrath on the gentiles which applies ‘jewdicial discretion’ to separate children and parent.  This is the jewish revenue generator by conflict which generates fees for unscrupulous lawyers and other court whores.  It is just about money.  The rule of law in the state, passed by proper legislative process, requires ‘active and consistent involvement’ of both parents in the lives of children affected by divorce.  See CGS 46b-56 (b).  The jew judges, under Talmudic control of King Elliot Solomon are ordered to ignore this statute of the goyim.  Families are broken apart by Solomon’s directive, in violation of the people’s law.  The court holds no power to destroy parent-child bonds absent state action in protection of the child.  Solomon and his jew judges are child predators and domestic enemies of the Constitution.  The Tree of Liberty hungers for him.

The state law was passed by a society of Christian majority, but the judicial branch holds a jewish majority and an unhealthy devotion to zionist and talmudic edicts which defeat the process of government of the people, for the people and by the people.  Jewish tyranny in black robes can defeat the democratic process with a single wave of Judge Solomon’s hand.  Solomon gloats in his powers to destroy the children of the goy.

The federal law of the land states that isolating a child from a parent is child abuse under 42 USC § 5100 et seq. Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA).  So why not hate the jew judges under rule of King Elliot N. Solomon for ignoring the federal law?  Solomon uses federal money in teaching his zionist pals how to undermine a Christian society by destruction of families.  Hate dat, too!!

Federal Civil Rights Law under Title VII addresses practice of religion and the prohibition of government interference therein.  A jewish state judge who acts by whim (a.k.a. jewdicial discretion) to destroy a parent-child bond does thwart Christianity as the the Fourth Commandment states children are gifts from God.  Patriots heed a call to arms against tyrants who fuck with kids.  Why not criticize a jew judge for depriving a Christian the right to practice the teachings of the church?  Hate dat, big time.  After all, Rabbis get to suck on bleeding foreskins as part of their ‘religion’…..really hate dat.  Even medical professionals find saliva rather infectious…but hey, it is part pedophilia which is a jew thing.

Why hate the jewish involvement in family court?  Well, the jews are the political entity that created ‘no fault’ divorce, not for the benefit of a strong society based on strong family units, but as a zionistic attack on the sacrament of marriage.  Yes folks, this is jews v. christians, a holy war where the jews have conquered the court in a nasty evil fashion that undermines the rule of law.  The first ‘no fault’ divorce was installed in Russia by the jews after the 1916 so-called revolution, where jews, masquerading a Bolsheviks and communists, managed to strip Russian citizens of their age-old right to bear arms, destroyed hundreds of Christian Orthodox churches and attacked the sacrament of marriage.  The jews brought ‘no fault’ divorce to America in 1969 through their political front organization, the AFCC.  Hate da jews!  Hate AFCC!!

The singular focus of the jew on destruction of the christian family unit is also alien to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad.  The teachings of Islam and rule of Sharia law calls for the beheading of jew judges like Emons, Solomon, Adelman, Wetstone, Munro, Drainginis, Gruendel, Barrall.  Using the children of God as weapons against mother and father is not a tenant of any world religion other than the jew wrath upon the gentiles.  There are no family courts, guardian ad litems, custody evaluations or family relations officers in the lands of Islam; all a jewish invention against the goyim.

Let’s take some time to hate the jew game of guardian ad litems, a money laundering operation in violation of state and federal tax reporting requirements.  If the gentile family has money, the jew judge immediately appoints a fellow Bar member at $350/hr to vacuum out the college and retirement savings accounts.  The jew judge orders the GAL paid immediately or the gentiles go to jail.  The transaction is intentionally unreported to the IRS and half the untaxed billing is kicked back under the dias to the jew judge.  Hate dat!!!

The same scam goes for the jewdicial appointment of court whores like ‘psychologists’ who the jews rely upon for the application of junk science for ‘evidence’ that the children should be further isolated from a parent or that more litigation is justified….meaning more money for the jew fans of the Bar Association.  This court is all about money, a very jewish characteristic.  Hate dat!!

Note that the junk science of ‘psychology’ is a jewish invention.  Sigmund Freud was funded and sponsored by the jewish community to promote the virtues of having sex with children.  Freud was a mask to present pedophilia to society based on the ‘science‘ of psychology.  Pedophilia is an element of the jewish/zionist cause, can’t hide it, can’t ignore it.  The jews are behind the now defunct movement of gender identity and pushing for dicks to use the ladies toilet.  Gay marriage in Connecticut was orchestrated by the jews through the jewdiciary.  Maureen Murphy was rewarded with a black robe for her efforts.  Hate dat!!!!

There is also good reason to hate the jewish AFCC creation of the ‘best interest of the child’ standard of law in family court.  This term came from Hitler’s administration under the Third Reich as state cause to seize any child to support building the Aryan Race.  Nice to see that same legal concept being the bedrock of the jewish family court of America……really hate dat!!

So let’s all hate Senator John Kissel, a puppet on jewdicial strings where he attacks the people for exercising the right of free speech in criticism of a very nasty evil court system.  Public scrutiny of matters in a public forum is protected under the First Amendment.  It is the essence of a government of the people, for the people and by the people.  He is a member of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Society, but supports the jewish destruction of christian tenets in a court system for which he chairs the people’s oversight committee.  He is a corporate attorney for the utility company Eversource, but publicly denounces the First Amendment.  He claims free speech is a hate crime, he undermines the public confidence in the judiciary and he is a proponent of Zionism.  If Israel can outlaw the composer Wagner, we Americans can hate dat too!!!  Wonder if the Board of Directors of Eversource realize the problem they have with in house counsel who publicly denounces item number one on the Bill of Rights?  Perhaps Kissel violates his own corporate code of conduct by shredding the First Amendment?  Perhaps his wife and kids are Zionists too?

As a lawyer admitted to the Bar, Kissel is bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct, which he grossly violates in his denunciation of free speech and his efforts to defeat the rule of law.  But then, no one believes there is any professionalism in the lawyers who practice in Connecticut under the control of the jewdicial mafia in black robes.

It is always humorous to hear the drumbeat of ‘anti-semitism’.  Just call it what it is, a hatred for the jewish belief system.  Hate da jews!  Don’t claim these clowns are a race or an ethnicity or a people.  Judge Emons’ parents and grandparents emigrated from post revolution Russia.  They were not oppressed, the jews were running the place.  The Bolsheviks were jews, Lenin and Trotsky were jews, the revolution was financed from Wall Street, by jews.  The Tsar and his family were assassinated by jews on orders of jews.  The corpses of the Romanov daughters were raped by the jewish assassins.  The Tsar was the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, a devout Christian, whom the jews exterminated under semitic jihad.  A long line of Russian rulers including Catherine the Great, Peter the Great, Ivan the Terrible had no love for the jew in the christian empire of Russia.  The jews even orchestrated the bombing and assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881, after which jews were expelled from Russia….and started coming in droves to the U.S.  …  oh vey!  In reality, a Russian jew has no connection to the ancient jews of the eastern Mediterranean.  Just because a psycho pagan slavic tribe in Khazaria adopted the foreign religion of Talmudism back in the seventh century, does not give Judge Emons ancestral claim to Abraham.  Following the Grateful Dead concert tour was a more sincere form of religious belief.

The Jews were not oppressed, they were hated.  The ancient Romans led by Titus clobbered them and ran them out of Jerusalem in 70 C.E.  Since then, no country has embraced the Jews, they have been expelled from over eighty countries in the last 1200 years.  The Western Christian Societies have no need for jews and their perverted beliefs.  The British wanted to put them in Uganda to keep them from coming to England, Stalin put them in Siberia, no country ever wanted them.  The Palestinians hate the Jews, Hezbollah hates the Jews, Syrians hate them, Iran hates them, clouds of war gather wherever the jew takes root.  Christian people of Connecticut can cite twenty centuries of causes to hate what jews can do to a society.  Amazingly enough they can fool Sen. Kissel that six million of them were exterminated by gas in death camps by the Nazis….oh vey, another tall tale to justify the occupied state of Israel.

Even Voltaire felt the jew would bring the downfall of humanity, but alas, his writings are now simple hate crimes in the jewdicial utopia of Corrupticut, where the Constitution no longer applies.  It is simple tyranny for jews in black robes to ignore the rule of law and unleash Kundry’s revenge on a Christian……in this country tyrants die….sic semper tyrannis!!!

Time to reflect on the wise words of Thomas Jefferson, who would recognize the need to contribute kosher bloods to refresh the Tree of Liberty.  He also knew the danger of the jewdiciary.

The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body — working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall render powerless the checks of one branch over the other and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.
– Thomas Jefferson

Permanent judges are liable to be tempted by; misled by favor, by relationship, by spirit of party, by devotion to the executive or legislative. It is better to leave a cause to the decision of cross and pile (flipping a coin) than to that of a judge biased to one side.
Thomas Jefferson, 1789

At the establishment of our constitutions, the judiciary bodies were supposed to be the most helpless and harmless members of the government. Experience, however, soon showed us in what way they were to become the most dangerous; that the insufficiency of the means provided for their removal gave them a freehold and irresponsibility in office; that their decisions, seeming to concern individual suitors only, pass silent and unheeded by the public at large; that these decisions, nevertheless, become law by precedent, sapping little and little, the foundations of the Constitution, before anyone perceived that invisible and helpless worm had been busily employed in consuming its substance. In truth, man is not made to be trusted for life, if secured against all liability to account.
Thomas Jefferson, 1823

Gonna hate that bitch John Kissel !!!  The hearings have demonstrated not only the need to eliminate Judge Emons from the bench, but to displace the Bar members and jewdicial puppets masquerading as representatives of the people…..Tong, Doyle and Kissel’s days are few.  A billboard tolls for thee.

Political criticism is a hate crime.

Pedo judge exposed on billboard in Connecticut

Judge Jane B. Emons, jewdicial monster, child predator.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler

Jewdicial Terrorist…domestic enemy of Constitution.

Attorney Paul Doyle

The natural manure.

Stop Judge Emons T Shirt….collectors item.