Dig up all the skeletons in the court’s closet

Here we go again! To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. In Macomb County, Michigan the rulers do not allow state employees in black robes to be singled out for putrid job performance. Meet Judge Rachel Rancilio a Catholic doing Satan’s work in a black robe by destroying parent child bonds under the color of ‘family law’.

The national spotlight shines on Rancilio’s discretionary ruling to award ‘sole custody’ of little Killian Jake Vanderhagen to his whacked out mother, ignoring all the red flags that a common man would call ‘child abuse’. But we all know that the family court is financially incentivized by the feds to create such unnecessary conflict and separation to feed the bottom tier Bar vultures. This time the outcome was the unnecessary death of a child in the sole custody of the mother.

The matter is highly reported in local press , websites , even facebook, but the famous blog’s interest is the family court mafia’s attack on the freedom of expression of its victims. Dad was not a happy camper when his son died under ‘sole custody’ of the mother. Naturally, he blamed the court for its decision and shared his feelings with others via social media…a protected form of expression under the First Amendment of the Constitution. How natural, how normal, how American. Needless to say, the black robed monster did not like the public scrutiny of her public forum and Dad was soon arrested for free speech. The legal term applied by the pedo muscle of the court is ‘malicious use of telecommunications services’ which is simply Orwellian word salad for censorship.

Let’s take a look at the ‘statute‘ for which Dad is currently jailed, unable to post a half-million dollar bond. It crept into Michigan law in 1969 making it a misdemeanor to maliciously use a telecommunication (phone) service to terrorize, frighten, intimidate, threaten, harass, molest or annoy another person. Of course, the internet did not exist in 1969 and the law is based on phone calls made directly to another person. But such minor details do not stop the thin blue line from executing the wrath of Judge Rancilio. County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham duly investigated Rancilio’s complaint, found no evidence of threats, but dutifully arrested Dad on false charges, conveniently confusing a telephone with internet based social media. The thin blue line is the muscle of the ruling elite, they protect and serve their masters while ignoring the Constitution. Afterall, censoring facebook posts is in the realm of Sheriffs. As Dad stated: “Time to speak up about my personal experience of corruption in Macomb County FOC. The shady game Judge Rachel Rancilio & Mary Duross (14 yr vet of FOC) played with the life of my son.” Time for ‘we the people’ to speak up of Macomb County domestic terrorists, enemies of the Constitution and down right nasty folks.

Trial is set for September 13th in the kangaroo court system of Michigan. Attorney Nicholas Somberg is defending Dad and the First Amendment against hanging judge Sebastian Lucido Another sad day in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Censorship is a dangerous game played by evil doers who walk among us. The Second Amendment is designed to protect the First…keep your powder dry. Those who play with fire are destined to get burned…the Tree of Liberty is very thirsty.


Dad was acquitted by jury in 27 minutes! See article.

Satan’s hand
Attorney Nicholas Somberg
Michigan’s #1 bearded lawyer.
Macomb County Speech Police
Sheriff Anthony M. Wickersham
Less than honorable judicial miscreant and domestic enemy of the Constitution in black robe, shredding First Amendment on direction from above. Terrorist on the bench.
The natural manure.