Jew’s Best Interest

The chosen law firm of Pullman&Comley has filed the jewish version of the ‘best interests’ of the child on behalf of Tanya Taupier, Vice President of Human Resources at Aetna Insurance in her drama of a divorce case.  Our old friend and blog star, the pedo battle axe Annie Dranginis, has filed for cutting off the kids from Dad as a ‘best interest’ consideration to be taken up by the court of Judge Mark T. Gould in Middletown on 2 July in the Battle of the Titans.

Yes, folks, read it for yourself here, the professional filings of a retired State judge who believes that destruction of parent-child bonds is a good thing….if you are jewish and the bonds belong to gentiles.  Strange to note that Annie cites no case law nor statute in support of her claim that cutting off the kids from dad, no hugs, no phone calls, no pictures, no cards, no letters…is a good thing for kids.  She just states it in pleading to another jew player, Judge Gould.  Secret code that tells the judge to cut off a parent as the children are being trafficked and used by pedos for sinister purposes.  A wink and a nod between Dranginis and Gould, poof Dad is out of the kids’ lives and no one can hear them scream.  Connecticut is such a wonderful place to rape children, destroy families and promote the Zionist’s agenda on the gentiles.

Don’t fool yourself any longer.  Connecticut family court is run under the iron Talmudic fist of King Jew Judge Elliot Solomon.  His zionist agenda is to destroy the Christian concept of a family to the glee of the Jew.  Family Court is his wrath upon the Christian society.  No organized Christian faith allows for children to be used as weapons of litigation, to be fought over, to be withheld from one parent by evil vindictive behavior of the other.  No Church condones Annie Dranginis’ pleading to cut Dad out of the lives of two children or to deny visits with Dad as a form of state sponsored punishment.  That is just flat out JEWISH.

Annie Dranginis is a Jew, she operates from a Jewish law firm which promotes everything deviant and pedo like.  Zionism spills from her pleadings.  A true child trafficker, pedo protector, hand of Satan, the anti-christ personified….Annie Dranginis, enemy of the people and child terrorist.  She makes Judge Solomon proud to be a Jew!!!

EDITOR’s NOTE:  The jewish version of Connecticut Family Law makes destruction of parent-child bonds a sport of the jewish judges exercising their zionistic ‘discretion’ over the gentiles.  The American state power of parens patriae does not allow for destruction of parent child bonds by whim of a jew in a black robe.

Judge Annie Dranginis child trafficker

Tanya Taupier Aetna Vice President of Human Resources knows how to abuse children.

Sara and Gabriel Taupier: Children trafficked by Annie Dranginis.

Crooked, jewish, insider, deviant law firm.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler, Zionistic architect of Family Court.  Anti-Christ.