The self-appreciating culture of the Connecticut Bar Association is demonstrating its inbred characteristics once again. This time it is the awarding of fictitious awards to incompetent persons under a veil of professionalism which conceals the true colors of the sinister game of lawyers. Clowns of Connecticut College are falling over themselves because their corrupt and diseased alumna, Lynda Batter Munro, Class of ’76 is getting an AWARD!!! Most reputable colleges would distance themselves from such a corrupt miscreant dyke like Munro. But have a laugh and read their article here.

Munro’s greatest game was her nurturing of trusted attorneys to take up lucrative GAL appointments. Hundreds upon hundreds of attorneys were listed for such work, but Munro worked behind the scenes to award the fat fees only to those who could be trusted to kickback to judges and who could extend the litigation to generate more fees for all the private players who lived off the court plundering of family savings. Munro was not a judge but a financial engineer, designing systems and players to extract all the money possible from a family caught up in family court. Once a family was bled dry then the court was done. The true legacy of Judge Lynda Munro is that she is a thief, a racketeer, a jew, a domestic terrorist. The world will be a better place when she is gone.

The little bitches of the Bar Association give praise to the most corrupt judge of the Family Court in the form of a ‘ladder’. This is hilarious. Munro quit the bench to end an investigation into racketeering in the family court. She was one of the masterminds who re-engineered family court to bleed every dollar possible from family savings accounts. She trained lawyers to be GALs to inflame conflict, prolong litigation and drive up costs for everyone. Her number one game was to make money for lawyers, vendors and charlatans in family court. She was a vulture. She did not give a shit about children, only the money that could be generated from fighting over them. Munro could order children to be spit roasted in the courthouse lobby and served with cole slaw, no one would bat an eye. This miscreant dyke and sad excuse of a human gets a ‘ladder’ award along with the likes of old pedo battle axe Annie Dranginis and child trafficker Rosemary Giuliano. Like putting Hannibal Lecter up for psychologist of the year award. But let’s look at some more deserving awards.

Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone, gets the ‘Cruel & Unusual Award’ for stating from the bench that a mother was being punished by losing custody of her kids. A straight up violation of law, Eighth Amendment trespass. Holly let it slip that family court uses kids as weapons of punishment against their own parents. Read about Holly here

Attorney Justine Raich Kelly of the Connecticut Children’s Law Center, gets the ‘What She Said Award’, for standing in the courtroom before Judge Wetstone and saying nothing when the mother of her wards was being punished with her own children in violation of the Constitution. Read about Raich here.

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, gets the ‘Therapy For All Award’, for acting like a jerk in the courtroom, screaming ‘immediate and intensive therapy for everyone’. When Bozzo loses it, it is hilarious. No grasp of the law, this gender confused human deviant screams for court ordered therapy. A nut case for sure. More here.

Judge Annie Dranginis, gets the ‘Do As I Say Award’, for telling folks what to do with their kids while her own daughter commits suicide. A truly objective measure of the human filth of the family bench. More Annie here.

Judge Gerard Adelman, gets the ‘Dark Lord Award’, for being the dark lord of the Connecticut pedo ring. Trafficking children is the work of the devil and folks like Adelman are there to do his bidding. More jewery here.

Judge Barbara Aaron, gets the ‘Deer In The Headlights Award’, for looking like a deer in the headlights when asked why she wanted to be a judge by the judiciary committee. She was speechless, trying to come up with an answer as to why she was there in the first place. Article here.

Attorney Steve Dembo, gets the ‘Jew Jew Award’, for being nothing more than a jewish inside player to the cesspool of family court. No brains, no legal expertise, just living off court table scraps. More jewery here.

Judge Elliott Solomon, gets the ‘King Jew Award’ for being the king of jews who run family court for money and his Zionist Agenda. No law, just jewery. Article here.

Judge Barry Pinkus, gets the ‘Go Jump Off A Bridge Award’ for denying justice to a poor brown mother and a brown kid unworthy of a GAL. Pinkus shows the true hallmark of family court, no money, no care. Family Court is a place where lawyers and judges make money, not where poor people go for justice. Article here.

Chief Justice Richard Robinson, gets the ‘Black Puppet Award’ for being black and stupid and letting family court go about plundering rich white folks bank accounts to a jewish agenda. Chief Justice of the state can only do what he is told by his jewdicial masters. Pedophiles run the state and the black man in the black robe does nothing. Article here.

Attorney Michael Fasano, retains his ‘Dickhead Award’ for being an absolute dickhead in making false and frivolous claims to the court to please his high net worth client in destroying the childhood of two little girls. True example that family law is not about family, it is about money. Dickhead article.

Attorney Mary Brigham, gets the ‘Felony Kidnapping Award’ for her antics of capturing and dragging children away from parents. The most corrupt GAL in the game, does nothing to help children, only prolongs litigation. Article here.

Attorney Rosemary Giuliano, gets the ‘He Lied Award’, for having to drop money bags William Grohs as a client for his lying under oath. Article here.

Judge Leo Diana, gets the ‘Star Chamber Award’ for being the presiding judge over the corrupt Regional Family Trial Docket, where family cases go for bought decisions before corrupt judges. A private court where the costs are high. No poor people ever get sent to this court. Article here.

Judge Michael Albis, the current head of the family court cesspool gets the ‘Crusade Award’ for his claim that any parental criticism of the corrupt court is a ‘crusade’ against the family court mafia. Article here.

Judge Joette Katz gets the ‘Immunity Award’ for her unconstitutional act of conferring immunity on the crooked lawyers who serve as GALs in the family court cesspool. Note that no GAL has ever been known to reduce conflict in the system…a jewish design. Article here.

Judge Jane Emons gets the ‘Boot Award’ for getting booted off the bench completely for her incompetent and inhumane form of family court justice. Article here.

Judge Sybil Richards gets the ‘Can’t Fill Out A Child Support Worksheet Award’, she is so stupid as to think that a mother must prove daddy’s income beyond a preponderance of evidence to claim support. Article here.

Judge Erika Tindill gets the ‘Drag Out The Custody Trial Award’ for taking over a year to start a trial, then dragged it out for ten days spread over another year. Article here.

Judge Barry Armata gets the ‘GAL Scum Award’ for among other things, milking one case for twelve years as the GAL representing the child’s best interest and plundering family savings. Now he is a judge, keeping the GAL racket going. Article here.

Judge Maureen Murphy gets the ‘Disgusting Stench Award’ for being the gender confused miscreant tag team GAL who worked over the Liberti family to traffic the boy Max to a pedophile father before Judge Lynda Munro. A case so famous that a book was written about it. Her gender confusion supports pedophilia. A dyke sister of the evil bitches of family court. See article here.

Dr. Kenneth Robson gets the ‘Three Minute Award’ for claiming to perform court appointed evaluations in three minutes or less. Favorite court whore of the child trafficking judges of family court. Pedophile protector with a psychiatrist license and an unhealthy attraction to minors. He was Judge Munro’s trusted advisor on the Liberti case and is quite a quack. Robson shows up where pedos need protection. Articles here and here.

The saddest award of all goes to the people of Connecticut who are ruled by such sloths on the bench. A sovereign people with no power to cleanse the bench of its soiled judges. A sovereign people absent a proper court system. A sovereign people under the despotic control of evil in black.

Interested readers can review more articles on the bizarre conduct of Munro, Murphy and their evil associates. Making Divorce Pay , Battered Mother Lost Custody , Family Court Hides Kids . These well known Connecticut pedophile protectors show up in all the horrendous cases. In Connecticut, no one can hear the kids scream.

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