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Happy Mother’s Day

Here is a shout out to all the mothers who do not have hugs from their own children due to the Zionistic efforts of Family Court of Connecticut, a court of such evil purpose as to separate the fruit of her womb from herself under color of state law.

A special appreciation goes out to the judges of the family court who relish in destroying parent-child bonds under the Talmudic teachings of King Jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon, the architect of the most vile nasty court in the land.  Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, the chief dyke on the byke of the court sits in her chambers pulling wings off of flies in enjoyment of wreaking havoc upon society from her judicial post.  A sexual deviant of such psychiatric mental disorders that she finds it in the best interest of Christian children not to hug their mothers on this special day.  A demented fool who gleefully brings the harm of emotional distress on heterosexual females.  The twisted bitch invokes Kundry’s revenge upon a civilized society.

Her nefarious colleagues of the bench beat the drums of evil across the state.  Fellow dyke Judge Maureen Murphy has ruined many children.  As did the now defunct Judge Jane Emons, along with Judge Anne Ficeto, Judge Annie Dranginis, Judge Lynda Munro, Judge Holly Wetstone, Judge Elaine Gordon, Judge Leslie Olear, Judge Marie Louise Schofield.  All a bunch of she-devils doing the work of Satan under the guise of Connecticut Family Law; bitches all.  Domestic enemies of the Constitution, sponsors of private agendas in the destruction of a Christian society.  Ignorant of the law, these monsters apply their jewdicial discretion to defeat the essence of life, damage families, wielding unbridled and unchecked tyrannical powers from the bench condoned from the highest levels of the evil courts under their jewish masters.

Let’s not forget the masculine judges who hate their own mothers, manifesting their demented retribution in maligning the heart of humanity.  The Dark Lord himself, Judge Gerrad Adelman, a jew monster and child predator.  Partner in crime Judge Barry Pinkus; rest in peace Baby Aaden.  The family court hating Judge Jose Suarez.  Puppet Judge Mark Taylor.  The socially awkward Judge John Carbonneau.  The evil Judge John Danaher.  The dirty Judge Leo Diana.  The scumbag Judge Barry Armata.  The King Jew himself, Judge Elliot N. Solomon.

A special recognition to the deviant sadistic army of court whores appointed as guardians of these child victims.  Bottom feeding attorneys who profit from family destruction:  Steve Dembo, Margaret Bozek, Ceil Gersten, Rosemarie Guiliano, Barbara Arons, Justine Rakich-Kelly, Veronica Reich, Mary Brigham, Noah Eisenhandler, Rhonda Morra.  Their trusted jewish psychologists Sydney Horowitz, Kenneth Robson, Stephanie Stein Leite, John Collins and of course the state paycheck sponges of the court’s own specially trained Family Relations Division, Margaret Rominak, Chris Haddad, Katie O’Connor, Debra Kulak, Robert Lamontange all under the jewdicial direction of the infamous Court Support Services Division, Tais Ericson under the legal protection of chief legal jew Martin Libbin and his sidekicks Joe Del Campo, Joe Dalesio and Steve Grant.

And let’s not forget the filth of the Bar who feed on private family assets; Dickhead Michael Fasano, Kate Haakonsen, Shirley Pripstein, sloth Geraldine Ficarro, John Mager, Jeanmarie Ricco-Ryan,  and the entire demented membership of the Family Bar.  Huge amounts of state funds used by the jews to destroy the foundations of Christianity under the cloak of ‘best interests of the child’.  Any politician who attempts to defend the conduct of Connecticut Family Court signs his own political death warrant in the eyes of a free people who love their children.

Happy Mother’s Day to the victims of the chosen élite who undermine humanity in the most grotesque manner.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It is obvious that Family Court of Connecticut and its monstrous judges are now officially ‘persona non grata’.  Any political support of this wayward court will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.  Judges are running scared.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler….hates his mother.

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto…deviant mother hater.