Terrorizing The Terrorists

Connecticut’s big black man in the black robe, Chief Justice Richard A. Robinson has declared himself a terrorist, a domestic enemy of the Constitution, a black tyrant in a black robe.  The gauntlet has been thrown.

The descendent of a slave has conspired with another black man and five crackers to defeat the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  In Connecticut v Taupier, the seven dwarfs of Corrupticut’s highest court have ruled that speaking ill of your masters is not protected speech.  Ranting and raving among friends about the terroristic conduct of the Family Court will now be silenced.  The niggers, jews and faggots of Connecticut have joined forces to muzzle the bleating of the four legged animals under their zionistic control.  Are you upset that the rule of law does not apply?  Keep quiet!!  Want to put up a billboard about a jew judge who steals children?  The gestapo is coming for you!  Want to wear a tee shirt in a public hearing opposing a jew judge?  The Chinaman will get you!  Want to fantasize about fleas of a thousand ISIS camels lodging in the left armpit of a dyke miscreant who acts against the rule of law, against the mores of a Christian society, who seeks to destroy families?  The jews, niggers and faggots will come for you.

According to the black man in the black robe, We the people, must now be aware of the delicate feelings of a terrorist family court judge.  It is now the duty of We, to muzzle our expression less the dyke on the byke is offended.  Public figure, Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto is a foul, miscreant of a human who operates outside the law, in the most corrupt court system in the land.  Child trafficking, money laundering, larceny, intentional infliction of emotional distress is all part of the carefully constructed jewish controlled family court of Connecticut.  The cry of the people to ‘crucify her’ holds cause in the Christian conflict with Zionism.  The defense of Christian ideology against attacks by the Jews holds protection in the First Amendment and in the Second.  Defending American values, societal norms, vehement orations attacking errant public officials now has a state sponsored muzzle, courtesy of the jews, niggers and faggots of the high bench, in direct violation of the First Amendment.

The federal courts allow for writings of sodomizing Judge Bozzuto with a hot curling iron and conflagration with a petroleum based accelerant as published by the 6th Circuit in U.S. v Baker.  The 2nd Circuit allows for sharing of culinary recipes for the grilling and barbecuing of Judge Bozzuto at a police department picnic as held in U.S. v Valle.   SCOTUS recently reaffirmed our protected right to hate miscreants like Judge Bozzuto in Matal v Tam, where Justice Alito reiterated the court’s opinion from 1929:  “Speech that demeans on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express the thought that we hate.”  In application of such protected hatred, We the people really do hate Judge Bozzuto and express the opinion that the world would be a better place without her.  The Connecticut legislature did apply similar protections this past May in the demise of Bozzuto’s evil sister, Judge Jane Emons.  There is no peoplely love for Judges Elliot Solomon, Gerrard Adelman, Leo Diana, Anna Ficeto, Ernest Green, Maureen Murphy, Marylouise Schofield, or the other zionist foot soldiers acting in destruction of the American family and promotion of pedophilia.

Protected hate speech takes many forms.  The new form specified by the big black man in the black robe is that the hater has to be wary of the sensitive feelings of a tyrant.  A terrorist among us, suffering the freedom of expression of We the people, now is the controlling element of free speech.  The First Amendment is now clipped by the perception of a terrorist.  Oi vey!  The nigger has delivered for his jewish masters.

Now let’s take a detailed look at the fantasy banter of a father driven nuts by the antics of Judge Bozzuto.  Elizabeth is a real dork, devoid of intellect, lacking maturity, elevated to a position of societal importance by the bankroll of her rich family name.  In short she is stupid and says really dumb things from the bench.  So a victim of her bizzarre behavior rants off about dropping smart bombs from F35’s on her, not that the Pentagon would waste the powder on such inhuman filth as Bozzuto.  Maybe a laser beam from the space station, or perhaps a drunken sniper trying to take out a target at over 2,300 feet, through 900 feet of dense forest, with no line of sight using a rifle that can’t get the bullet out to 750 feet on a muggy afternoon before it drops in the dirt.  The F35 smart bombs hold a better chance.  Now the court of Judge David P. Gold, another jew, relied on the donut bingers of the State Gestapo to conclude that a hunting rifle that can’t take down a deer at 800 feet will take down a judge at 2,300 feet, after navigating through 900 feet of forest.  Fantasy shot indeed!  Perhaps the ranter meant to use a bazooka on the Bozzuto.  After a number of tries, the bazooka would have punched a hole through the 900 feet of forest.

All the niggers and the jews need to claim is that there is some imaginary ‘reasonable person’ who will ‘interpret’ the fantasy demise of Judge Bozzuto as a serious threat.  Or make the new legal standard of ‘rough equivalent‘ by the jew Judge Gold.  Oh, my, with so many stupid people in the world saying ‘God Bless You’ after a sneeze will be taken as criminal conduct because the speaker recklessly disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the blessing can be interpreted as a ‘serious threat’ to an atheist.  The word salad here is impressive.  The speaker has to consider the risk that the niggers, jews and faggots of the Connecticut Supreme Court will interpret a patriotic desire to protect the Constitution as a threat.  Well, let’s face it folks, anything that goes against the Zionist’s agenda is going to be labelled a threat, the speech of the goyim will be silenced, Christianity will be undermined by act of the government, terrorism prevails and We the people are left with nothing but the Second Amendment.

Keep your powder dry!  The Connecticut high court incites violence!

Fantasy shot!!!  

Nigger threat to free speech
Dyke on the byke family court judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, child trafficker.
Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler
Baby Aaden, sez ‘just toss the bozzo off the Middletown Bridge!!!’

The new speech nazis of Corrupticut.  Seven dwarfs of the high bench will not allow you to speak ill of your masters.  Palmer, McDonald, Robinson, D’Auria, Mullins, Kahn and Vertefeuille … constitutional terrorists!!! 

 Sic Semper Tyrannis!!