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Battle of the Titans

The titans have declared war on each other in the caring and compassionate venue of the land of ‘broken toys’….the cesspool known as Family Court of Connecticut.

The Giant of the Profession, The Grey Ponytail, Attorney Norm Pattis has thrown the gauntlet at the hooves of the grand dame pedo battle axe retired judge and child trafficker Attorney Annie Dranginis.  The center of this battle is of course children, two gifts from God, Gabriel and Sara.  The great legal question is why Tanya Taupier, Aetna human resources vice president can isolate these kids from their father?  Not even a phone call since August of last year.  The state law of interest is CGS 46b-56 (b), which requires active and consistent involvement of both parents in the lives of the children; a Christian statute ignored by the practice of Zionism by the jew judges of family court.  Aetna corporate executive ignoring court orders and committing child abuse…fascinating.

Tanya Taupier, a wicked, vindictive daughter of Satan relishes in using her own children as weapons of conflict against their father.  Tanya, an office sport fucking machine in the deviant corporate culture of Aetna treats her kids as fashion accessories.  Her previous lawyer, jew Geraldine Ficarra, was struck down and buried after having filed in court on Tanya’s behalf to permanently isolate the children from dad.  God works in mysterious ways…taking out a jew family court lawyer is just one of them.  As Tanya’s compensation from Aetna is significant, her new lawyer is the pedo child trafficker dirty insider retired Judge Annie Dranginis of the corrupt jewish law firm of PullmanComley, LLC.  Big jew lawyers represent clients with money having cause to create conflict where none exists.

The standoff is classic jew family court hostility, using children as weapons in litigation to generate fees for jew lawyers.  Norm calls Annie suggesting that Tanya needs to comply with the court orders of visitation between father and children.  Simple phone calls are the nub of the complaint.  Annie, smelling a good fight and a gravy train of billable hours, tells Norm to shove it.  Norm suggests he will file a contempt motion, if Annie won’t co-operate and get Tanya to comply with court orders.  Annie foams at the mouth, Tanya being a cash cow, this conflict could buy a new BMW for Annie….the challenge by Norm is too lucrative to pass up.  The Titans have clashed, not over the best interest of the children, but cold hard cash out of Tanya’s fat bank account.  Anything for a buck in the land of the broken toys.

Annie does have the upper hand over the Grey Ponytail.  She will pick the forum and the judge to hear her lucrative pleadings on behalf of the Aetna executive’s form of child abuse.  The hallmark of Aetna’s professional human resources department will be in full public view.  No family court judge is going to uphold the law over Annie’s pleadings.  The dark hand of Zionism extends from the shadows under the direction of Chief Jew Talmudic Judge Elliot Solomon, children of the goy will be trafficked for cash to pockets of the Bar.  Annie will present a word salad to the judicial authority, which will be repeated back from the bench and Norm’s ponytail will be severed and shoved down his throat as a warning to all non jew lawyers who think there is law in family court.  Likely forum is Middletown, likely judges picked by Annie will be Judge Gould or Judge Diana.  Either one, does not matter, the children’s lives will be traded for cold hard cash.  A most un American and non Christian concept.  Even Attorney Margaret Bozek, notorious GAL who has milked the Taupier family for over three years of pre divorce litigation, will be reappointed for $400/hr by the judge to ‘represent best interests of more cash’.  The gravy train is moving, the lawyers are jumping on.  The jewish hallmark of Connecticut Family Court is simply money; kiss the pony tail goodbye.

Editor’s Note:  Sara and Gabriel are victims of child abuse, at the hand of an Aetna Vice President Tanya Taupier, so much for corporate responsibility.  Wait for Aetna’s corporate communications department to issue a statement on how Tanya upholds corporate values.  These trafficked kids live in Ellington, be on the lookout for bruises and signs of other harm.


Judge Annie Dranginis child trafficker.  Tanya Taupier’s new lawyer.

The Giant Grey Ponytail…challenger to the Family Court.

Tanya Taupier Aetna Vice President of Human Resources knows how to abuse children.

Sara and Gabriel the weapons of lucrative jewish family court conflict.

Family conflict is the jew game of family court. Create conflict for fees.  Annie Dranginis money maker, for the want of a phone call.

Troll jewish lawyer Margaret Bozek bleeding christian families for effective, compassionate, representation….a GAL who trades in child flesh.