Two Faced Corrupticut

The reputation of the State of Connecticut as the second most corrupt territory in the United States of America is legendary.  The runner up to Illinois may be making a run for the gold medal of governmental malfeasance.  This week the gay boy governor Danny Malloy and pedo Senator Richie Blumenthal out did themselves for violation of due process and equal protection.  Gay Gov and Pedo Senator have come to the public aid of a Chinaman who broke the law by entering the country illegally.

The Courant is falling all over itself in puff piece leftist article by caffeine junky Jordan Otero Sisson in exalting the efforts of gender confused democrats to expand their base by recruiting illegal aliens to the party.  Zhe Long Haung who was ordered deported in 2010 is still in Unionville with his illegal alien wife Xiang Jin Li, who was ordered deported in 2012..  The two were ordered deported because, well, they are in the country illegally, so back to China with you, where you rightfully hold citizenship and permanent residency.

Senator Blumenthal claims that these two illegal aliens have “suffered an inhumane and gut-wrenching ordeal”.  Well breaking the law is not supposed to be rewarding.  Haung entered the country illegally in 1999.  Li entered legally in 2000 but over stayed her visa, so she is illegal as well.  So why do these two folks get the attention of Malloy and Blumenthal?  The couple has a five year old son, who likely gives Blumenthal a hard on.  As the Connecticut inventory of usable little boy ass is tight, there is focused effort by the Pedo Ring to stock up.  Selling the use of a child to the Connecticut Pedo Utopia may be a bargain in face of deportation.

Let’s not forget Malloy’s feigned desire to keep the ‘family’ together in his artificial letter to Department of Homeland Security.  After all, Connecticut Family Court is known as a terrorist organization for ripping apart families and the destruction of parent-child bonds, there must be some benefit to the pedo ring by keeping a couple of illegal chinks and their little boy ass in Connecticut.

The two-faced position of gay boy Governor is striking.  On one hand he has the sexually deviant miscreant dyke Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto running a childhood destruction operation in so called Family Court; trafficking children and plundering family savings for pleasure and profit of the jews of the Bar Association.  On the other hand he is acting on behalf of the state to protect criminal conduct of illegal aliens.  Why?

Is Connecticut a safe haven for illegal aliens if they offer up child play toys to the state pedo ring?  Plenty of Connecticut families have been through inhumane and gut wrenching ordeals in the state Family Court, some never survived it, but Malloy and Blumenthal are not speaking out about their protected child trafficking operation.  Wonder why?

A sharp eye can map out the pedo operations that control the Governor and his sexually deviant pals.  Connect the dots, all the dots are gay, queer, deviant and most prefer little kids.  A Governor who seeks protection for illegal chinks, but throws American children and parents under the bus of dyke Judge Bozzuto’s Family Court.

Editor’s Note:  Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto is a sexual deviant and judicial miscreant who is under the total control of king jew pedo Zionist master Judge Elliot Solomon.  The Governor is a puppet to the jewish overlords of the judiciary; he cannot protect the children of the state from such monsters, but he can go out of his way for criminals from China.


Governor Malloy protecting illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens Huang and Li with kids and Pedo Blumenthal

Dyke on the byke.  Family Court Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler

Actually, Blumenthal never served in Vietnam, he is just a liar.