Chosen Woodchucks

The judges in Upstate New York have often been equated to woodchucks; which may well be an insult to the animal kingdom.  Again, the chosen ones have poisoned the family courts to kill off the rule of law, leaving only jewdicial discretion and tyranny.  Christian values are antithetical to Talmud teachings and family court is the perfect butcher block for the unsuspecting goyim.

Let’s examine a clueless young upstart in a black robe, elected to a position of responsibility by a unknowing populace;  Judge Adam D. Michelini.  A clown of such childish intellect, he lacks ability to recognize the state constitution, ruling NY courts do not have ‘jurisdiction’ over cases properly filed.  Poor boy can’t find law, even when it falls on his head.  But not to worry he has a jewish law clerk to write drivel to defeat the goyim before the bench.  Cathi Radner, Esq. is paid by the state to be Law Clerk to the unknowing judge.  She herself is an expert in family law because she is divorced, but otherwise legally retarded.  Rule of law does not apply and she can pen the most inane anti christian rationales as orders of the court.  She is so bad at it that her unsuspecting master had to recuse himself as a result of jewdicial overreach.

The chosen ones do not surrender to rule of law without a fight.  Cathi’s synagogue pal Judge Richard B. Meyer is summoned from a hundred miles away to continue the jihad.  Gentiles tenacity to constitutional protections, christian values and love of children, annoy Zionists.  Not satisfied with Michelini’s defeat of the state constitution, Judge Meyer defeats the bigger parchment by overruling three U.S. Supreme Court decisions, right out the gate.  He also tossed aside forty years worth of state case law, but that was just jewish peanuts.  Rabbinical courts do not care for christian based opinions, no matter the origin.  A lowly family court of limited jurisdiction, populated by chosen woodchucks can ignore the law of the land with a waive of the jewdicial hand and a few condescending remarks from the bench.  His state funded law clerk, Amy Quinn, Esq. is paid to be quiet and ignore her oath, does nothing to protect the rule of law.  Paychecks in woodchuckville buy more than groceries.

Four racist chosen players of no intellect, no respect for law, following the Talmud, serve to defeat christian elements of a civilized society and the goyim’s pesky laws; all with state and federal funding.

Rather un-American.