Dick Meyer Lie Detector

The insanity of the jewdicial family court system reached a new high in the backwoods, inbred, uplands of Woodchuckville, NY.  The infamous retard in black, Judge Richard Blair Meyer has declared himself the knower of all truth and detector of all lies, as an official duty of judicial office.

The delusional nutjob claims that he can determine if a witness is lying.  It is his self appointed judicial duty to be his own secret lie detector system to uphold the rule of law and twist the integrity of the court to his pleasing.  The jerkoff states the following:

“A primary way in which the credibility of a witness is evaluated is to see how a person is testifying, not just to hear that testimony.  Mannerisms and cues indicative of both veracity and lying cannot be observed through a telephone connection, and can be masked or distorted by the quality, speed and continuity of a video feed, all of which heightens the risk that the court will get the wrong impression of credibility and lead to incorrect conclusions of fact and a result which is not in the best interests of the child.”

The people of Essex County, New York put a deranged lunatic on the bench to undermine the rule of law and to trample rights of the people.  This jewdicial dotard is so delusional as to anoint himself with special powers of lie detection in the name of best interests of the child.  The clown has lost his marbles.  Needless to say this neanderthal humanoid does not have a iPhone nor is he acquainted with the modern marvel of Facetime.  But nonetheless, Dick Meyer has special powers and his court is a special Star Chamber where the rule of constitutional law is suppressed by the aged and infirm agent of the Talmud. 

Judge Meyer’s court is a forum of the anti-Christ and Satan’s playground.  He is an agent of Zionism on a mission to undermine a Christian Society by defeat of law and destruction of children and families.  He is a jew not a judge.  

Judge Richard Blair Meyer