What if…

What if there was a natural force that reacted to the tyranny of family court.  In nature, there are equal and opposite reactions; a physical trait of the universe.  In family court there is only jewdicial discretion from a tyrant in a black robe with a un constitutional and anti Christian attitude.  No rule of law, just absolute discretion.

So if Judge Bozzuto cuts a parent out of the life of a child against the law of the people, an equal and opposite force would necessarily cut one of her kids out of her life.  Such is the application of natural law.  Put another way, if Judge Bozzuto threw rocks through other people’s windows, would it be unnatural if her house of glass was demolished in the dark of night by similar stones?  The proverb comes to mind.

If a child was denied access to the court, legal representation and the benefits of a $300/hr Connecticut Bar GAL, for the fault of being brown, then said child was killed, is there not a natural force that would exert an equal and opposite reaction upon the denier?  Would it be natural law that the discriminating authority was found at the bottom of the Connecticut River?  Judge Pinkus, weighed down by a soggy copy of the Talmud of Babylon?

If tyranny is toppled, the tyrants brought to justice, would Judge Bozzuto’s head be on a pole on Washington Street as an age old reminder of the remedy for tyranny?  The head of Judge Pinkus on a spike at mid span of the Middletown Bridge in memorial to his discretion over poor brown Baby Aaden?  Would the new republic have cause to hold the present day child traffickers to the death sentence; in the form of decapitation by a simple mechanism?

What if the post revolt tribunal of elder oath keepers found that a conspiracy existed among the judges, legislators, lawyers, court employees and vendors to traffic children under the law of jewdicial discretion ruled over by Elliot Solomon?  Conspiracy to traffic children and undermine the law of the republic being treason and punishable by death….by decapitation by a simple mechanism?  The detached heads of the Connecticut conspirators adorning the southern rail of the Middletown Bridge.  The list of conspirators being quite lengthy.  The first tier would be judges Bozzuto, Adelman, Pinkus, Solomon, Epstien, Murphy, Gordon, Munro, Cutsumpas, Resha, Schofield, Ficeto, Drainginis, Wetstone, Olear, Prestley, Alvord, Diana, Armata, Suarez, Simone.  The second tier being the GAL foot soldiers of the conspiracy, Dembo, Raich-Kelly, Bozek, Nobles, Brigham, Rebimbas, Aaron, Rubin, Mager, Goulden, Balkus, Babbit, Barrett, Budlong, Gersten, Ruel, Haakonsen.  Of course the list of collaborators is the entire membership of the family section of the State Bar Association.  Needless to say, the simple mechanism must be well oiled.

Heads of child traffickers lining the southern railing of the Middletown Bridge is a sight to be feared by the family court players; their protection is not absolute. Their Zionistic agenda strains the Constitution, tests the patience of patriots and sounds a call to arms to protect the children of the republic.  A natural reaction may not be instant, but it is certain.

Jefferson was specific in the claim that the tree of liberty be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, it is a natural manure.  Baby Aaden provided the patriot’s blood, time for the tyrants to bleed, the tree is very very thirsty.

Middletown Bridge. Baby Aaden’s last breath.

Baby Aaden . victim of family court.  A call to arms against tyranny.

Remedy to family court…simple mechanism.

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto….enemy of the people, traitor to the Constitution….tyrant.