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Let’s take a moment to discuss family court and thanksgiving.  Pour the gravy, pass the stuffing, bow your head, give thanks for the Second Amendment and the right to shoot the bird on the plate.

Let’s give thanks for having Judge Lloyd Cutsumpas of Connecticut.  He is a turkey who deserves stuffing.  The terrorist won’t let a mother see her kids until he has evidence of good mental health.  So let’s bang Lloyd’s head on the bench a few times, spread the grey matter out to examine what exactly good mental health looks like.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it, bagging a Lloyd bird at the Rod & Gun Club turkey shoot gets first prize.

Then we can pass the cranberry sauce and contemplate the blessing we have for having Judge Holly Abery-Wetsone, the tit-less and brainless wonder who punished a mother by taking the kids away.  Stated right from the bench, on the record that Connecticut was handing down a criminal sentence of stripping a mother of her children as punishment in the land of the free and the home of the brave; ‘cruel and unusual’.  In the defense of the Constitution Holly Wetstone, a self-proclaimed domestic enemy is worthy of thanks under the Second Amendment as splattering this bird’s feathers is truly something to be thankful for; limits spread of bird flu as well.

Don’t forget the rolls and too much butter, great stuff to be thankful for; like the dyke on the byke Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, the black sheep of the state Bozzuto Clan.  Demented miscreant so devoid of intelligence as to order ‘immediate and intensive therapy’ for everyone.  Yes the incompetent ranting of a lunatic in a black robe.  A ding-dong so infected with her own self-importance to complain to federal law enforcement agents of public viewing of the Iza Zutto facebook page without her permission.  We are so thankful to have such a batshit nutjob on the bench making decisions about children; she can’t even comprehend facebook nor the First Amendment.  We are truly blessed to have the Second Amendment.  A bullseye on this turkey’s head will win the mercy award for putting the retarded fowl out of its misery.

When grace is said with the phrase thanks be to God or in praise to the Lord, we thank the Second Amendment for providing the last Constitutional defense against the jews like Judge Elliott N. Solomon, the self-proclaimed rabbi of family court where his Zionist teachings become the edicts.  The children of four-legged animals trafficked to his agenda for pedo masters.  He is the single ruler over the family services division, his rabbinical foot soldiers, ‘family relations officers’ trained to carry out his wrath upon the goy and their kids.  Bagging this fat bird has a divine cause; wins an extra blessing from the club Chaplain and an extra helping of pecan pie.

Contemplating the dark meat of the bird reminds us of the Dark Lord himself, Judge Gerard Adelman; the left hand of Satan, the child trafficker of the evil dark shadows.  Night scopes allowed in this round of the Club shoot.  The monster of evil is veiled in darkness, but we give thanks for large calibre rifles and night scopes.  This bird shoot is in the extended distance class as proximity to the devil’s hand is a range safety rule.  Club members taking out this satanic vulture get serious bragging rights at the member’s bar.

More thanks is heaped upon the mash potatoes for the pursuit of happiness with belt fed ammo.  The joy of defending the Constitution with a single trigger pull against enemies like Leo Diana, Barry Armata, Lynda Munro, Leslie Olear, Linda Prestley, Maureen Murphy, along with their terrorists in kind, Steve Dembo, Margaret Bozek, Mary Brigham, Rosemarie Giuliano, Stacey Nobles, Ceil Gersten, the Second Amendment gives so much to be thankful for.  When there is no remedy to the foul game of child trafficking in the courts, the people give thanks for the Second Amendment to protect the children, the rule of law, liberties of the people ….Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful.

As Christmas season follows the Thankfulness, the wish list gets a M203 grenade launcher with a stocking full of reloads to provide wonderful holiday cheer for the Get Bird Barry Pinkus shoot.  Dropping grenades around this constitutional jewish terrorist while singing Christmas Carols is a nice way of showing the people’s love of Christ for the jew judge who caused Baby Aaden’s splash in the Connecticut River.  Jewdicial discretion of Pinkus makes floaters of poor brown christian kids….Xmas grenades send that special holiday message from We the people.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of all judges who threaten it… thankful for the Second Amendment.  Amen.


Turkey Shoot

Leo Diana child trafficker, presiding judge RFTD.

Judge Dyke Miscreant Maureen Murphy

Baby Aaden . victim of family court

Kundry’s revenge

Jew GAL Steve Dembo

Rosemary Guiliano child trafficker


Scum GAL Barry Armata

The Dark Lord Pedo Adelman

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler

Dyke on the byke

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto

GAL Cancer Cunt Brigham

Holly Wetstone…justice for $$$