When reading this article please remind yourself the majority of those unfortunate enough to attend Family Courts have done nothing wrong, are involved in NO CRIME and are not suspected of any CRIME or wrong doing. They are only attempting to separate and divorce that is a legal act. What happens after they pass thru doors of Family Courts is one of the most devastating humanity’s nightmare.

The seminal case Younger v Harris, 401 U.S. 37 (1971), which stands for the principle that federal courts will not entertain appellate review or removal of pending state court actions, is constantly used and thrown down as a proverbial gauntlet by Federal Judges whenever they want to quickly dismiss or get rid of a case which smacks of blatant violations of civil liberties, human rights, and US Constitutional rights, whenever a poor hapless litigant in any State Court finds himself surrounded by thoroughly corrupted state court judges, their law clerks, court appointed expert witnesses, state employees and prosecutors, or any other state-oriented governmental employees, who often work hand in hand with organized crime elements operating within the city or state where the grievance takes place.

The sad reality of most state courts and their judges in the United States is that most of them are ill-equipped or poorly versed, either purposefully or not, about the US Constitution or the law in general, that they often make decisions from the hip, without sound legal reasoning or a full appreciation of the legislative or historical intent of the statutes and laws that they are supposedly interpreting or enforcing.

The doctrine of Younger v Harris most often comes up as a knee-jerk and automatic defense by state appointed lawyers hired to defend criminally corrupted judges, prosecutors, and other state court employees, even when there is flagrant, blatant, evident, obvious and glaring documentary and physical evidence of corruption, criminal behavior, or judicial misconduct in the state court, and the vast majority of federal judges, rather than exploring the case and evidence to probe whether or not wrongs were in fact committed, normally capitulate to their aggressive and short-sighted law clerks and staff, and quickly “punt” the case into the ether, back to the state court, which invariably results in severe retaliation and devouring by the former state court judges and employees who are predictably outraged and angered by the fact that the case was removed or appealed by the abused litigant to the federal court in the first place.

Since American law and jurisprudence has gradually devolved into a Talmudic-style body of law over the last hundred years, and further away from the US Constitution, ever since the placement of Louis Brandeis onto the US Supreme Court aided by his minions and followers in the federal and state courts throughout the United States, mostly in the urban and progressive states and locales in America, such as New York, California, Florida, Washington DC and to some extent, Chicago and Texas, the result is even more troublesome considering that any judge, can often find any reason to either incarcerate or destroy anyone who appears before them, and for any reason.

Furthermore, the outright refusal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Elected Officials within the Executive or Legislative Branch to get involved with the criminal and corrupted activities of the judiciary, either federal or state, by claiming the “separation of powers” doctrine, adds insult to injury to those few courageous litigants who seek to get a second, more sophisticated legal opinion and case adjudication from a federal judge, rather than their original state court judge.

The reality is that federal judges as a whole, are naturally much more attuned to, and acquainted with, the actual sum and substance of the US Constitution simply because they deal with it each and every single day, as well as the fact that federal judges are usually selected from a much higher caliber of legal minds than their state counterparts, many of whom are not even lawyers to begin with, such as in the small claims courts and civil courts scattered throughout the nation.

The inherent problem with the above issue, is that the combined effect of using Younger v Harris to prematurely and perfunctorily kick cases out of federal court or appellate review is to foster, create, and allow patently unjust adjudication of cases, massive violations of human rights, civil liberties, and constitutional rights all “under the color of law and authority,” and provide a rubber stamp with the “seal of judicial approval” the most heinous of crimes, such as the kidnapping of children in the state family courts, the illegal incarceration or murder of innocents in the criminal courts, and the bankrupting and financial ruination of “un-connected” litigants in the state civil courts.

All the while, the parasitic underbelly of these state courts, with their “hangers on,” such as thoroughly corrupted forensic examiners, law clerks, expert witnesses, law guardians, criminal and family court programs and research facilities, child protective service workers, court officers and others, are allowed (and encouraged) to openly partner up with organized criminal elements who can then together engage in criminal activity, all protected, sanctioned, and encouraged by the power of the presiding state court judge.

It is high-time that the federal judiciary, executive, and legislative branches of the US Government take a long and hard look at the case of Younger v Harris, and analyze in a serious fashion the efficacy and long-term harmful effects of its use on a daily basis by federal judges and their courts to get rid of those cases which, if brought to federal judicial attention, would shed much needed light and analysis of state-sanctioned corruption, organized criminal conduct, judicial misconduct, and other harmful activities which cause the American people to angrily accept the reality that American courts ARE in fact corrupt, and justice is NOT the goal of these courts, rather the pursuit of MONEY is the only end-game.

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