Jewdicial Transparency

What if ‘We the people’ were able to see all the details of a jewdicial miscreant’s behaviour over a term?  Let’s take a notorious family court hated jew, Judge Marielouise Schofield.  Is it not of the people’s interest to know how many GALs she appoints, who they are, how much they get paid, how many parents she puts in jail for not paying her pets?  How about those GAL invoices for professional services at $350/hr?  In the name of transparency and public scrutiny such important documents should be visible to the public, after all, it is ‘evidence’ of the jewish GAL work product.

How about Schofield’s appellate record?  Should that not be readily available to the next parent that falls victim to her parlor of child abuse and anti-christian behaviour?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see a listing of all of her decisions that were appealed?

What about knowing the results of the lawyer survey of the judge?  The state government pays to survey the lawyers that appear before Schofield.  The vague responses are compiled and are part of a jewdicial evaluation program.  Needless to say, the litigants are not surveyed, nor the parents who are threatened and incarcerated for not paying the lawyers who participate in the survey.  Guess that is why Schofield jails folks for money, she does not want a bad evaluation from the lawyers who rate her performance.

Of interesting contradiction is that the jewdicial discretion of a deviant mind will affect the children, but the public is unaware of the mental ailments and medication affecting the judge.  Perhaps proper psyche evals and disclosures of medication are of public interest.  The secrecy shrouding the ultimate discretion of these monsters is truly un-American.

What about the public knowing the frequency of pet lawyers who are appointed GALs by the jew judge?  How about attorneys who appear frequently before her and for what purpose?  What about all those complaints to the Jewdicial Review Council?  If they are submitted by the public about conduct of a public official, why do the jew masters keep them out of the eye of the public?  Why does jew Judge Schofield have to sign a release for members of the jewdiciary committed to view them, a.k.a. representatives of the people, but ‘We the people’ cannot view these documents?  Why all the secrecy?

The enlightened reader may find these papers of interest.  The documents show that the jewdicial branch does have all the above information and provides it to the judge, but not to the public in digestible form.  In the modern age, there should be a webpage for each miserable clown of the family court, showing all measurable details of the jewdicial performance.  But there is not.  Just a black robe to hide the conduct of a state employee from public scrutiny.  Note, the judicial branch in conspiracy with the lawyers and judges purposely omit filing of GAL invoices so there is no public record of how much money is extorted from parents by the jewdicial mafia of family court.  There is also no IRS/Tax reporting of these fees by the state, so it is very very well hidden from everyone.  One subpoena from the legislature would produce it all.

Interesting to note that state employees like Attorneys Deirdre McPadden and Geoffrey Beckman can provide such analysis and information to the judge, but not post it publicly for all to scrutinize….civilized societies abhor secretive practices, funded by the public.

A simple metric of great interest is how many GALs were appointed by Schofield, how much money was stolen, the list of her top GAL pets and their combined take over her term.

Transparency…..not in the jewdicial branch of Corrupticut government…not for ‘We the people’.  Jew judge Schofield is just another protected foot soldier of the Talmud, trained by King Jew Judge Elliot Solomon to subvert the goyim and their pesky affinity to Christian family values.  How jews make money off your kids.

Watch the idiot testify .

Judge Marylouise Schofield

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler