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Debench Judge Schofield

This Monday brings the jewish miscreant mistake of a pathetic human, Judge Marielouise Schofield before the anti-constitutional judiciary committee, where T shirts will be banned!!!

Miscreant Marielouise is a dirty trickster of a judge.  She is most famous for the ‘sting’ she pulled on Mike Nowacki in a postjudgment family matter.  Schofield appointed AIPAC JAP (jewish american princess) Attorney Veronica Reich as GAL for the kids.  Directed by a wink and a nod from the bench, Reich improperly filed a motion to modify custody on behalf of Mike’s children.  A completely illegal filing as GALs have no standing in law to file any motions.  But don’t let rules of practice or rule of law interfere with a good financial lynching of a rich white man in family court.  After all, how else do vultures eat?

Before anyone could say ‘continuance’, the jewish princess ran up a $250,000.00 bill for ‘services’ provided to Mike’s kids, who never asked for a change in custody and were not represented by counsel.  Mike refused to pay and was promptly jailed for fighting the jewish ‘sting’.  See how jews operate in Connecticut Family Court?  All about money.  If you are a rich cracker, the jews will drag you back into court years after your divorce is final to take another lick off your wallet.  A scam protected by the judges, who get a cut of the spoils.  Birds of the Bar flock together.

Schofield pulled the same trick on Susan Skipp, where the evil GAL Mary Brigham ensured isolation of Wyatt and Gabby from mom (recurring anti-christian theme).  Dr. Shawn Tittle had big bucks, a drug habit and a hard on for his own kids, so the case was long and profitable for the jews.  Brigham was told by Schofield to file a contempt motion against the mother for non-payment of $46k in fees, then Schofield held a hearing without notice or summons to listen to cancer cunt’s whining about the unpaid invoice, which is a signal to the judge to put mom in jail to extort cash, of which the judge gets a jewdicious tax free cut….under the robe of course.  Marshals, the brainless thug muscle of the jewdiciary, stand around jingling  handcuffs and leg irons to intimidate the moms…so manly, so un-American, so jewish.  Perhaps the marshals get a cut for collection services as well.

The evil miscreant Schofield is so cash hungry that she brought another mother with little funds and a housing problem before her altar of hate demanding that the GAL be paid immediately.  The mother, Jodi Avendano, was dealing with eviction from her apartment where the monster in black told her she would find her a bed in York Correctional.  No money for rent, no money to pay the GAL extortion in her case, Judge Schofield had her dragged out of court in shackles and imprisoned.  Don’t pay the GAL, go to jail, that is the jewish extortion game of Connecticut Jewish Family Court.  Totally un-American, non-Christian, un-constitutional racketeering operation to benefit the predators of the most evil court in the land.

A more recent example of the jewish tricks of Judge Marielouise Schofield is in the infamous Grohs case in Waterbury.  The evil cancerous Attorney Mary Brigham looks out for the best interests of Evie and Sofie Grohs, two little girls trafficked by pedo dad William and his dickhead lawyer Michael Fasano.  Like all good jewish trained GALs, Attorney Brigham can run up a bill very quickly, with little to show for it other than masturbating on the courthouse toilet between courtroom appearances.  The jewish court orders a mother who is on food stamps to pay Brigham’s $350/hr larceny invoice.  When Brigham does not get paid she runs to Judge Schofield who illegally orders the GAL to file a contempt motion against the mother.  Remember, GALs cannot file motions in a family matter.  See the pattern to the jewish court games of Marielouise??  Jailing the goy to extort cash is very jewish.  No rule of law; simply money.

True to the jewish creed in destruction of families of Christ, Judge Schofield’s cases always separate children from the mother.  The illegal act of destruction of parent-child bonds, Kundry’s revenge on the gentiles.  A complete physical, financial and psychological destruction of a Christian family unit, outside the rule of law.  Remember, Connecticut state law requires ‘active and consistent involvement of both parents’ in the lives of the children affected by divorce.  This people’s statute overturned by the jewdicial discretion of King Jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon.  Another characteristic of Judge Schofield’s court is the excessive post judgment litigation that she actively prolongs years after a divorce is final.  The hallmark of the jew…if it makes money, keep it going!!!

The Family Court is nothing more than a racketeering and money laundering operation and a graveyard for the most incompetent and very jewish-like judges and scum-like lawyers.  Trafficking in children for profit is a most jewish and un-American past time.  A edict of the Talmud.  Not an American value, nor a Christian value nor an Islamic nor Buddhist teaching.  Just Talmudic treatment of the goyim in the rabbinical court of jewish law.  Only dykes, fags, jews and lawyers can take pride in destroying childhoods for profit.  No application of law, no standards, no checks or balances, just pure, unrestrained jewdicial discretion to generate tax free revenue for sordid pockets.

Watch the puppets on the jewdiciary committee put this child trafficking cash whore back on the bench for another eight years of screwing children and fleecing parents.  Oi Vey!!!  Don’t wear a T shirt that says ‘Fuck Schofield’, the state gestapo will beat you silly.  See if the committee of the people’s elected representatives asks Schofield if she has been interviewed by the FBI yet?  Watch Sen. Kissel claim criticism of this bitch is a ‘hate crime’ because he hates the exposure of the cesspool of family court.  See what fellow jews are ordered to support her re-appointment by the dark hand of king jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon.  Watch Tong and Doyle suppress free speech to do their master’s bidding.

With such a jewish jewdiciary, who needs terrorists?  The anti-christ comes in a black robe.


Judge Marylouise Schofield…just the money.

Veronica Reich jew GAL and scam artist.  AIPAC slime. Schofield tool.

Cancerous Mary Brigham, GAL.  Schofield tool.

Sting target of Schofield and Reich…Mike Nowacki $250,000.00.  Jewish trump change for family court.