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Dubinsky v Reich

Let’s take a hard look at this recent case of David Dubinsky v Veronica Reich. The three stooges of the Connecticut Appellate Court, Alvord, Bright and Beach have upheld a very unconstitutional construction of the ‘statutory duties’ of a lawyer in a Christian society, so skillfully embedded in CGS 46b-54 by the jews who control folks like Sen. John Kissel on the judiciary committee.

The statute is full of word salad that may suggest a benevolent cause in judicial appointments of court whores of the family Bar to provide some magical ‘recommendations’ to the court for the ‘best interests of children’, but a careful reading of this Talmudic based philosophy reveals the dark hand of the king jew judge of family court, the evil Elliot N. Solomon. The first observation is that nothing can stop the appointment of this nebulous being, nothing can stop the court from hitting the family savings with the burden of paying for this magical lawyer. Note that the state will only pay about $25/hr for such service when purchased with state funds, but the exact same pathetic service will be billed to a family at $350/hr. Notice the difference?

The crafty jewish construction of the statute is found in paragraph (f), where this magical court advisor is completely unlimited in making recommendations. The legal lizard is required to consider sixteen enumerated ‘things’, but is not required to assign any weight to any of the listed factors and is free to consider anything else that will generate conflict, drag out litigation and generate excessive billable hours. The manipulated legislature confers a license to steal upon a jewdicial pet of the judge. Note that the statute does not create any qualifications for this thief, just that it is going to be a lawyer. The most notorious GALs are jewish lawyers or lawyers that adhere to non-Christian values relating to parent-child beliefs. Folks like Steve Dembo, Ceil Gerstan, Margaret Bozek, Mary Brigham and of course the jewish american princess Veronica Reich are legendary in wreaking havoc of parent-child relationships with their statutory ‘recommendations’, not to mention the plundering of family savings accounts.

It is also of curious note that the statute does not require these jewish thieves to file invoices with the court. The public has great cause to see the financial records which document the work performed under the license to steal. Needless to say, a search of court records will not produce invoices, no evidence of work performed, yet the judges ignore this lack of evidence and always order immediate payment of these magical ‘fees’. The fees are so magical that non payment results in instant threat of incarceration from the judge. Review of known invoices show nothing of substance, attending court, preparing for court, reviewing emails, telephone calls with other lawyers, parking fees, travel time, reviewing house appraisals, scheduling discussions with case flow clerks, reviewing motions, never any time spent with the children nor anything that resembles the work of making ‘recommendations’. The people’s statute does not require any documentation of the ‘work’. Even more troubling is that there is no requirement for IRS reporting of these private paid fees. If the state provides the GAL, all moneys paid are documented on an IRS 1099, a legal tax reporting requirement under federal law. The court ordered payment, absent an invoice in the record, is invisible to the tax authorities. Quite a strange construction of the so called people’s statute, but it makes for free money, judicial kickbacks and felony tax evasion. The state is acting through the court, creating an IRS reportable transaction, but there is no reporting compliance. This matter is well known to the state comptroller, who dutifully turns a blind eye to the scam.

Of great interest is the lack of any training of these lawyers to make recommendations on other people’s children. Other than lucrative assignments, why does family court rely on such untrained persons for ‘recommendations’? What special abilities did jew bitch Reich possess to make recommendations beyond the concern of the state child protective agency? A jewish recommendation, based on the Talmud, sponsored by a zionist agenda … all for $350/hr? The answer is quite obvious. The real purpose of the GAL is to create conflict, drag out litigation and drain every dime possible out of the family victims as it all goes to lawyers….and judges. Court time is money. More conflict more money, very simple, very jewish. There has never been a GAL who was known to have helped mediate a divorce matter. All GALs act under the unwritten rules of lecherous lawyers to generate billable hours for themselves and for any other lawyers involved in the case. Simple jewery, codified in statute.

Of course the scam is perfected by the judiciary’s own action of illegally conferring ‘absolute immunity’ on these thieves. See GAL Immunity. Also, take a look at the very cracker makeup of the GAL community. The appellate court ignored the fact that the statutory construction of the role of the GAL is unconstitutional on its face. The immunity applied by Grand Dame Queen Jew Judge Joette Katz is also unconstitutional. The judicial branch holds no power to confer immunity on behalf of the sovereign people. Carrubba v Moskowitz was just jewish power shoved down the throat of the goyim while the puppets on the judiciary committee smiled.

David Dubinsky did what the legislature is too scared to do, challenge the jewdicial overlords. The sovereign people did not move to create the evil GAL system, it was the dark handiwork of the jews who run family court and those lawyers who profit from it. How a free people can allow the scam to go on, preying on children, destroying lives, acting only for money is monstrous. The legislature can take up a pen and strike the statute … after all, it did Baby Aaden no good. No money, no GAL. It is Simply Money. The appellate court just played its jewish appointed game in keeping up the racketeering of the family Bar association, making it look like law, using 15 pages to obscure that the application of GALs as practiced is unconstitutional. The jews work in mysterious ways where at times it takes on the appearance of rule of law.

Are we such an evil society to standby and let the jews of the Bar and jew judges like Solomon, Katz, Adelman, Gould, Pinkus, dykes Murphy and Bozzuto use children to fatten their wallets? Perhaps something Speaker Joe Aresimowicz can bring up in his public hearing on 5 February. Strike the GAL statute!!! Strike the jewish immunity!!!