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Samantha McCord


    The now-famous Blog celebrates the one year anniversary of the combined efforts of Virginia and Connecticut State Police to shred constitutional rights by SWAT raid, murdering a front door under cover of early morning darkness to seize fruits of free speech. Hats off to VSP Senior Special Agent Michael Sponheimer for his inability to recognize protected speech, along with accolades of Pooper Scooper Trooper Samantha McCord of Connecticut gestapo, acting under direction of Jewette Katz, who really hates free speech of Blog or any other goy. Oi vey, the state gestapo is just chosen muscle, chilling expression, a kike delight. Despite little green men with black rifles tossing laundry baskets… Read More »Anniversary

    Neejar Patel

      The now-famous Blog of the free speech kind spotlights another malignant drain on the federal budget, paycheck sponge Neejar Patel, a federal prosecutor in D. Connecticut, working under niggardly supervision of U.S. Attorney Vanessa Avery Roberts, a black skinned diversity appointment of Sleepy Joe Biden, ensuring Bill of Rights does not interfere with life in the gulag. Neejar and side kick moron Margaret Donovan have engaged in a year long pursuit of free speech on complaint of blog star Joette Katz, the queen of kikes, who hates goy Blog. Wire taps, data logging, server hunting, search warrants, sealing orders in support of a CRIMINAL investigation by ‘US Government & Connecticut… Read More »Neejar Patel

      Captain Cain

        The now-famous Blog spotlights another domestic terrorist of the Connecticut Gestapo, an enemy of the people and their Constitution.  Gone are the liberties of ‘we the people’ when state employees, sworn law enforcement officers, abuse the ill trusted office to wreak havoc on an enlightened society.  Clowns like Captain Ken Cain incite a free people to take up arms against tyranny.  Sic semper tyrannis! Cain is an experience domestic terrorist, demonstrated track record of fucking up everything he touches, under the guise of public safety, lacking skills in law enforcement, unable to supervise minions, can’t differentiate between criminal activity and free speech, diligently guards against freedom, a true terrorist, poorly… Read More »Captain Cain

        Samantha & George

          The now-famous Blog has identified two peas in a pod who cannot count to First Amendment, idiots in clown costumes, sporting funny hats, badges, guns, no brains, and attitudes to violate rule of law on dog whistle commands from Kernel Stavros Mellekas of the Connecticut State Storm Troopers, all under commie commissioner James Rovella.  Meet Samantha McCord and George Jupin, two worthless state employees who double their salary every year by gobbling up overtime pay committing acts of terrorism against free citizens.  Blog parenting department notes poor upbringings, probably both abandoned at birth for noted mental defects. The state gestapo employs these two nuts at Computer Crime Lab, a black… Read More »Samantha & George

          Reckless Robinson

            The now-famous Blog calls out the jewish mafia of Corrupticut for slaying First Amendment protections on ideology of American Law Institute’s private agenda.  Time to revisit the 2014 mugging of Ted Taupier by unscrupulous domestic terrorists undermining the Bill of Rights.  The big black man in the black robe is nothing more than a puppet on jewish strings advancing alien ideology in the land of the free and the home of the brave, agitating trigger fingers of the Second Amendment, .308 ball preferred. A private email promoting demise of dykish Elizabeth Bozzuto for destruction of families, severing of parent-child bonds, rape of childhood, plunder of savings, defiance of due process,… Read More »Reckless Robinson

            Domestic Terrorism

              The now-famous Worst Blog of the free speech kind provides public warning that John P. Doyle, Jr, state’s attorney for New Haven, GA23 is a domestic enemy of the Constitution, shredding protections of the Bill of Rights, a danger to society, a danger to himself, inciting imminent lawless action, angering deplorable mobs, as there is butthurt among public officials. Doyle is another state paycheck sponge executing terrorism by order of the disgraced Richard Colangelo, the ‘former’ chief prosecutor, who abandoned post because of unethical conduct, abuse of office, while being a jerk.  Doyle does not understand First Amendment jurisprudence, two hundred years of case law protecting expressions to tear down… Read More »Domestic Terrorism


                Jewdicial monsters of Connecticut have invented a new class of disobedient goy: miserable whining mothers who denounce jewdicial child separation orders are now labeled DISGRUNTLED FAMILY COURT LITIGANTS.  A label officially applied to victims of family court, those fit mothers, not allowed to hug fruits of their womb, who just can’t suck up to wrath of Kundry to find happiness in not being hugged by rugrats.  The jew muscle of the State Police under the fat donut belly of paedo protector Colonel Stavros Mellekas declares in sworn affidavits that disgruntled litigants are a societal danger, who often flock together, share thoughts, ideas, information, peaceably assemble, petition elected representatives for redress… Read More »Disgruntled