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Judge David Gold

True Threat?

    The First Amendment scholars of now-famous Blog provide commentary on Connecticut’s claim of true threats, derived from the defective mind of Chief Justice Richard Robinson, the token jurist, ascended to the high bench on skin color rather than intellect, serving only to terrorize ‘we the people’. Blog provides moot court scenario to highlight dangers of nigger think on First Amendment.  A speaker tells victim “I will take you out”. This is spoken word, at close distance, victim sprayed with saliva from the enraged speaker. Nigger Boy Robinson’s court sees “reckless disregard for substantial risk of fear” in the victim and bystanders, even an ordinary person understands ‘take out’ is not… Read More »True Threat?

    Samantha & George

      The now-famous Blog has identified two peas in a pod who cannot count to First Amendment, idiots in clown costumes, sporting funny hats, badges, guns, no brains, and attitudes to violate rule of law on dog whistle commands from Kernel Stavros Mellekas of the Connecticut State Storm Troopers, all under commie commissioner James Rovella.  Meet Samantha McCord and George Jupin, two worthless state employees who double their salary every year by gobbling up overtime pay committing acts of terrorism against free citizens.  Blog parenting department notes poor upbringings, probably both abandoned at birth for noted mental defects. The state gestapo employs these two nuts at Computer Crime Lab, a black… Read More »Samantha & George

      Rough Equivalent

        The now-famous Blog’s expression experts expound upon the federal court’s interpretation of a ‘.50 cal to the head‘ as opined by Justice Breyer of D. Northern California, relying on Ninth Circuit precedent. As always, the juris prudence of Connecticut is at odds with the First Amendment and federal case law. Blog gives a shout out to Judge David Gold who infamously defeated 1A in Footnote 18 of his decision of felony conviction for an email that the dyke on the byke Bozzuto never received. FN18 claims that a ‘rough equivalent’ is the State’s standard for a true threat, proving that Gulag Connecticut does not recognize the Bill of Rights. The… Read More »Rough Equivalent

        Mohammad’s Children

          Christian societies who insult Islam tend to lose their heads, attract gunfire, have churches burned, and other unfortunate occurrences. Such are the consequences of culture clash and differing beliefs. We Americans can make fun of any religious people, other than the Jews, they are our masters and cannot be criticized. Draw a cartoon of Mohammad, but don’t dare deny that Hitler’s Holohoax exterminated six-million chosen ones. See how the game is played? Take a hard look at the American ‘Family Court’ system. A division of the state judiciary focused on terminating religious marriages and dividing up kids, while looting family savings. There is a belief system behind this secular charade… Read More »Mohammad’s Children

          Battle of the Titans

            The titans have declared war on each other in the caring and compassionate venue of the land of ‘broken toys’….the cesspool known as Family Court of Connecticut. The Giant of the Profession, The Grey Ponytail, Attorney Norm Pattis has thrown the gauntlet at the hooves of the grand dame pedo battle axe retired judge and child trafficker Attorney Annie Dranginis.  The center of this battle is of course children, two gifts from God, Gabriel and Sara.  The great legal question is why Tanya Taupier, Aetna human resources vice president can isolate these kids from their father?  Not even a phone call since August of last year.  The state law of… Read More »Battle of the Titans

            Jewdicial Efficieny

              So you think that your constitutional right to access the court is a protected by judges in the State of Connecticut?  Boy are you mistaken!  The state constitution suggests in Article First, Section 10 that:  All courts shall be open, and every person, for an injury done to him in his person, property or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered without sale, denial or delay.  But like everything in Corrupticut, all is not what it appears.  The Administrative Judges rule over the dockets before you ever get to court.  Cases are decided before the first hearing as the chosen ones in black robes… Read More »Jewdicial Efficieny

              Express Yourself

                Are you American?  Have an opinion?  Hate family court?  Hate the judges?  Well, you have a right to express yourself; First Amendment.  Here is an example of how a free citizen in the land of the free and the home of the brave can express himself under the protections framed in the First Amendment. First, identify a judge to hate, say Elizabeth Bozzuto of the Connecticut Family Court.  A privileged dyke from a rich republican family whose appointment to the bench was purchased in the back room of political favouritism.  It is quite American to hate an individual for ascending to a position of responsibility on privilege of being in… Read More »Express Yourself

                Rough Equivalent

                  Connecticut uses public funds to attack the U.S. Constitution. First Amendment suspended by nutmeg court.