Judge Elliot Solomon

Target Solomon

The System is broken! The family court system is broken! The propaganda machine is in overdrive. The Connecticut family court system is operating perfectly as designed by its chief architect, the very non-Christian and most inhumane Judge Elliot N. Solomon, and he is proud of it, as are all the recipients who gorge on the fat revenue streams cast off the bench. Solomon was high… Read More »Target Solomon

Save The Date!!!

SAVE THE DATE!!!!  The Children’s Law Center is having its ANNUAL GALA!!!  Celebration of child traffickers!  Come support the Center that could not help Baby Aaden from drowning in the Connecticut River!!!! Children’s Law Center is a money laundering operation and a child trafficking center on which the state pedophiles rely to get their play toys isolated from protective mothers.  The law firm acts under… Read More »Save The Date!!!

Substantial v Material

How the chosen ones use meaningless words to establish a rule of law for which only they understand…or not. Discretion holds no limits.


An unholy evil force unleashed on the American people.

Jew World Order

How the Talmud is reshaping access to the courts.

Klan ad litem

The white knights of Connecticut Family Court

King Solomon

Jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon, king of the family court jews.