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The now-famous Blog takes a big yawn at drama SANDYHOAX, a scripted event to defeat Second Amendment, run by jews, all authorized under a clause in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act .. federal propaganda is good!  Poor Barbara Bellis, presiding over a jew charade in the armpit of Waterbury, piles on another chunk of change to Alex Jones’ First Amendment rights on legal cause of his ‘blameworthiness’. Oi vey! Jewish abuse of feeble state courts makes an example of Alex; hoax deniers must pay shekels!!!  This week’s jewdicial invoice is $473M, bringing the hoax tally to $1.44B, just from Connecticut. Jew puppet, Yale grad, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, in Austin, follows the script to defeat goy First Amendment rights under sovereignty of Texas, all because the hoax writers left gaping plot holes.  No reason for a free people to believe a very bad drama, portrayed by very bad actors; deceit does not create defamation. The implausibility exposed by the initiating 9-1-1 call, reporting an intruder/unwanted person in a school, but failing to tell dispatch he is carrying a black rifle.  C’mon, Barbara hosts comedy hour masquerading as a judge of the superior court.

Blog’s evidence department finds no facts supporting claim of dead kids at an out of service elementary school, in gulag Connecticut. A photo of blood stained child corpses in a classroom? No. Death certificates? No. Autopsies? No. Photos of spent bullet casings strewn about? No. Photos of smoking black rifle, five empty clips, blood stained Adam? No. Photos of blood splatter on walls, floor, other kids? No. No evidence supports the script. Blog risk management department notes script writers missed the detail of video camera required to record school buses and their precious cargo, required by law to be in operation when moving kids, had been removed when the school was closed, the set director missed it, but goy are to believe camera absence does not expose a hoax. Don’t forget ‘everyone must check in’ sign at firehouse, which did not belong to the fire department, it was delivered, along with pizza, and port-a-potties. Set directors blew it again by placing coiled hoses outside the station, on the ground, which no fireman would ever do, that is why there are storage racks inside. People walking around in circles, mere screenplay for helicopter news cameras, but the guy in the yellow jacket gives away the charade parade. Paramedic ‘triage’ tarps in center of parking lot give a splash of color, but no first responder drags a bleeding kid to the middle of a parking lot in freezing cold in attempt to save a life. No paramedic even entered the building. But as always, Blog editorial staff notes glaring hoax betrayal ten years on: none of the surviving kids have a book deal.  Oops!  Script writers never saw that coming. The script implies not all kids in the classrooms were killed, so today there are some seventeen year olds who can give eyewitness accounts of pals being blown away by the evil black rifle wielded by autistic Adam, reciting bloody horrors of torsos exploding on impact of multiple of high velocity .223 rounds, the warmth of classmate blood splatter on their cheeks, blood stained clothes, terror of hearing 150 rounds fired in five minutes, gore of six shots per innocent torso, smell of burnt powder, screams, pools of blood. Such a survivor would be jew Attorney Christopher Mattei’s star witness against Jones … buh, buh, but wait … there are no book deals, no witnesses, no facts upon which the defamation suit rests, just Mattei, Jones, Pattis, and Bellis playing along with the script. Even state legislators conspire in defeat rights of public scrutiny, passing a coverup bill to conceal photos that do not exist … it’s a privacy issue!

Blog legal department notes lack of amicus briefs in the suit, no First Amendment scholarly articles belittling jewdicial charades, no news coverage of failure of due process, no law tribune articles analyzing rights of a sovereign people rejecting government theatre; hoax creates not defamation against hoaxsters … ask the nun with the green name tag!

Blog quotes Barbara’s foolish memo of decision on punitive damages, describing free expression of hoax with word-salad that public denial is blameworthy, reckless, malicious, intentional, wanton, heinous, cruel, depravity, reprehensible, punishable … yada, yada, yada. Barbara does not want to be judge, she wants to be a domestic terrorist, an enemy of the people, a danger to society, a threat to liberty, fertilizer for a Tree. A sovereign people have no need for government propaganda scripted by a jew, disbelief of governmental blither is a protected right of ‘we the people’, Barbara’s trial hoax is comedy, believed by no one, just another jewish scam.

Editor’s Note:  SandyHoax goes down in history along with a ‘surprise’ attack on Pearl Harbor, atomic bombs to end WWII, Gulf of Tonkin, WTC7 sympathetic collapse on 9/11, acid rain, ozone depletion, vaccines, fluoride, voting machines, and countless other government disinformation campaigns. Barbara’s trial management skills are lacking.

All actors following a government script to convince the goy to give up guns … jews all.

Scripted drama, no evidence of dead kids, just government message, drama told thru actors, repeated by media, to an unsuspecting public, like 37 degrees is t-shirt weather, pathetic wardrobe. Nuns are a nice touch, but walking in circles around firehouse that serves pizza is over the top. Like a mass murder scene creates munchies?