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The self-chosen elite of Connecticut’s high court fabricate a new exception to free speech! Like a thief in the night, stepping silently, eroding liberty in petty thefts, the jews advance destruction of goy right to speak. Buried in Nutmeg attack on Alex Jones is the new class of unprotected speech, a jew twist to First Amendment, where speech that pisses off a judge cannot be tolerated! The now-famous Blog provides standard disclaimer of not making this shit up!

Blog star nigger chief justice Richard Robinson authors another First Amendment attack in Lafferty v Jones which creates a new class of unprotected speech:  “speech that interferes with the administration of justice cannot be tolerated” citing State v Taupier with twisted logic, that private discussions of limited judicial mortality are impediments to fair trials, being unprotected speech. No violation of courtroom decorum, no impeding court function, no interrupting judicial authority, nothing in evidence, just expansive powers of tyranny reaching beyond jurisdictional limits in deprivation of free speech rights, maligning the goy in defiance of the Constitution and all its pesky amendments.  Robinson affirms criminal punishment for his new class of speech, citing no penal code. In simple terms, where nigger boy Robinson’s jewdicial mafia does not like speech, it is unprotected. First Amendment suspended while court is in session. Got it? The now-famous Blog’s analysis team transposes Robinson’s logic to state: Jewdicial authorities who interfere with First Amendment cannot be tolerated by a free people, begging Second Amendment retort. Robinson’s ‘true threat’ on a free people will not be tolerated. Free speech being the essence of self-government, Robinson’s tyranny attacks self-rule of sovereign people, requiring the age old throat stomp prescribed by George Wythe:  Sic semper tyrannis!

In true jewdicial style, un-enumerated power is conferred on miscreants in black robes by footnote 25, which allows trial judges to muzzle expression for no cause, to wit: [25] It is important to note that a judge may still sanction for threatening or intimidating speech in the absence of actual interference with the administration of justice. The big dumb nigger voids due process opining that jewdicial authority may sanction at whim, chill expression, for no reason, as long as judge finds scary words scary, offensive words offensive, First Amendment be suspended, no criminal conduct required to criminally punish goy. Gulag Connecticut warden wears a black robe. False claim that jewdicial integrity demands suspending First Amendment speech protections is nigger logic, dictated by jew overlords, worthy of a .50cal to the head.

Footnotes contain the jewdicial sleights of hand to defeat goy Constitution, like where jew Judge Gold hides the ‘rough equivalent’ standard of a true threat at FN[18], in Taupier. There is no legal definition of a ‘true threat’, but jews like Gold just use footnotes to suspend First Amendment on rough legal principles of a Rabbinical Court, known only to the jew. A jewdiciary that isolates kids from mothers has no concern for free speech of the goy nor liberty and justice for all. Terrorists all.

Jewish word-salad prevails to undermine 1A rights, Judge Barbara Bellis substitutes ‘threats and intimidation’ against a jew boy shit attorney Christopher Mattei for ‘clear and present danger’ standard to justify gag orders, sanctions, deprivation of rights, destruction of founding principles. Alex Jones did not surrender First Amendment protections on entry to cesspool Connecticut; Barbara d’Buffoon lacks power to muzzle goy for cause of crisis actor Robbie Parker. SandyHoax remains a hoax until the State of Connecticut releases photos of dead kids not bleeding on the classroom floor, along with an accounting of the 150 bullets that were not fired. Public scrutiny of scripted drama is a bitch.

Court integrity and public confidence is not upheld by jewdicial miscreants voiding First Amendment rights of defendants dragged into a kangaroo court, Bellis D’Bozzo presiding, facing fabricated claims of defamation by SandyHoax crisis actors. A skeptical public finds no integrity in Connecticut’s jewdiciary. Courts must suffer from freedom of speech like all others, jews in black robes are not special, just state employees with a job to do and an oath to keep.

Poor nigger boy Robinson’s death wish is published for all to see, a jewdicial command that goy will not speak ill of their masters, that First Amendment is suspended in gulag Connecticut, that free speech will be punished by whim! A call to arms! Burn a cross in the Highlands! Robinson incites Patriot’s defense of the Constitution! Second Amendment flash bangs, .308 ball preferred, muskets, if you have them, .50cals if you can afford them. Connecticut jurisprudence revives royal power in the kingdom, but American peasants have high capacity magazines, semi-auto ASSAULT rights, calibre discretion, in defense of liberty, for assault of domestic terrorists like Robinson, Palmer, McDonald, D’Auria, Mullins, Kahn and Ecker. Freedom is not free, blood spilt today, protects tomorrow. A Tree needs refreshment.

Editor’s Note:  The seven dwarfs of the high bench ignore SCOTUS ruling in Sheppard v Maxwell, where remedy for un-fair trials is a new trial, not suspension of First Amendment. High time to impeach the dumb nigger.

Niggers, fags, jews conspire to defeat 1A claiming public criticism impedes administration of justice.

Semi-auto, assault rifle, high capacity magazine, thirty high velocity freedom seeds, a Patriot’s aim, protection for a forest of Liberty Trees, in defense from tyrants … just another day in the land of the free and home of the brave.


Virtus summoned to slay tyrants in black.

Burn a cross in the Highlands, a call to arms against domestic terrorists in black robes.

Terrorist in black robe, Bellis, shreds First Amendment to protect jew shit Christopher Mattei in attack on free speech. A public stage is subject to scrutiny and criticism by all.


A law firm of domestic terrorism