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Amanda Jones

Now-famous Blog spotlights whining Amanda Jones, a school librarian in Louisiana, with thin skin, and no appreciation for First Amendment.  No one forced Amanda to spew her intolerant opinions on others, no one forced Amanda to enter public debate outside the Dewey Decimal System, no one asked for children books on anal sex, but crybaby could not take her own medicine of public opinion regarding performance of her job of shelving books in a school library. Blog legal department examines the abuse of court system in filing of another frivolous, meritless, vexatious lawsuit by a retard with a law license. Meet Ellyn Clevenger, a graduate of Tulane Law, having no understanding of First Amendment, self-rule, democracy, public debate; just another nut with a law degree, brawl for hire.

Amanda Jones is a pear shaped, leftist moron, of latent mental defect in desire to abuse children, an ideological element of the jewish faith; eating babies being an ancient ritual of the chosen. Amanda runs a school library in Live Oak Middle School, she is prez of an Association of School Librarians, a leftist, subversive organization, targeted by jewish ideologues to undermine Christian culture by injecting ‘groomer’ material, promoting paedophilia and deviant sexual behaviour, a jewish delicacy. Amanda makes a fuss at public hearing of Parish Board discussing placement of groomer books in the public library, some parents object to using public funds to promote child anal sex, an element of American democracy debates issues involving public money. Amanda has no tolerance for opinions of others, she will promote deviant sexual behaviour to minors, demands use of public funds in support of private sexual preferences involving children, will claim censorship against anyone suggesting eating Christian babies or baking bread with their blood should be discouraged.  Amanda and Ellyn are now a team, suing fathers for exercise of First Amendment rights who express disagreement with a public employee’s opinion with regard to obscene material on public shelves.  The societal merits of teaching anal sex to minors are dubious, except to support a private deviant agenda of no public purpose.  Amanda has an anal fixation.

Ellyn files a defamation lawsuit as a jewish cloak to defeat First Amendment protections of the defendants.  Read it here.  It is hilarious!  Blog’s constitutional law team is still rolling on the floor, laughing; office pool on sanctions against Ellyn for harassment.  Motion to dismiss by defendants will be short and painful.  Ellyn’s argument is foolish, claiming public debate, facebook posts, blog posts, tweets, public commentary against promoting anal sex to minors is defamation against Amanda.  Pretty hard to follow the legal logic of Ellyn, but then retards are retards, some even with law licenses.

Ellyn opens complaint under state defamation law, claim for immediate ex parte injunctive relief of a prior restraint gag order, a no contact restraining order, removal of expressions from social media, all which the court cannot grant.  Ellyn demonizes public debate involving a public employee, an officer of Louisiana Association of School Librarians, whatever the fuck that is?  A private non-profit corporation in association of private persons having common interest in school libraries?  Sure makes Amanda an actor on a public stage, who cries irreparable harm, danger, harassment, defamation for participating in public debate over deviant, purposeless anal penetration instruction, provided with public funds.

Amanda also demands a public apology from those persons exercising First Amendment rights that she does not like.  Call a whambulance!!

Amanda also wants monetary damages and Ellyn wants her fees paid by defendants … jews always go for the money!  Nothing more than another ADL sponsored exercise to chill speech of the goy.  Criticize thy master’s agenda, face a lawsuit, dragged to court in complaint, holding no remedy, just to intimidate other goy from speaking out against the jewish delicacy of paedophilia, the jew scam is so obvious, so repetitive, so un-American, it irritates trigger fingers on the Second Amendment.  Chilling speech can result in unexpected muzzle flashes.  Ellyn abuses her position as an officer of the court, pleading for what the court cannot grant, in defiance of First Amendment protections … smells very very jewish.

The mission of LASL shall be to promote and to maintain high standards of school librarianship, to serve as a medium for the exchange of ideas, and to encourage a continuing and critical evaluation of school library service.

Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard has reviewed the situation with no finding of criminal conduct, just another day in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Editor’s Note:  Why do public employees find cause to promote private agendas with public funds, then bitch about public criticism on use of such funds?  Jewish logic?

Attorney Ellyn Clevenger for disbarment proceedings.

       Sheriff Jason Ard, not playing the jew game to chill expression in land of the free.